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Infineon MERUS™ MA2304DNS/MA2304PNS Multilevel Class D Audio Amplifiers

Low idle power enables unmatched efficiency and prolonged battery life

Infineon’s MA2304DNS and MA2304PNS are a family of 2 × 37 W audio amplifiers that feature the MERUS™ multilevel switching amplifier technology, enabling unmatched efficiency at both low and high output power. Multilevel switching relaxes EMC requirements and enables inductorless applications with lower costs. A high-order internal feedback loop ensures low THD and high PSRR for excellent audio performance.

The integrated DSP in the MA2304DNS is highly configurable and can be used to correct imperfections in real speaker applications, such as equalization, limiting, and others. The MA2304PNS offers simpler volume control and limiter for systems where an application/connectivity processor does the audio processing.

The ultra-low idle power consumption makes the MA2304DNS/MA2304PNS ideal in battery-powered speaker applications with extended battery ‎life, reduced battery cell cost, or both. Ninety percent of idle current consumption improvements can be seen compared to competitor’s previous generation devices. The reduced and scalable EMI performance in mains-powered multi-channel applications enables industrial ‎designs without needing a heatsink‎.


Summary of Features
  • 52 mW ultra-low idle power (18 V PVDD, LPC mode) and high efficiency at low output power (>80%, 2 W, 8 Ω)
  • Inductor-less output filtering at full power range
  • Excellent EMI performance
  • 0.03% low THD+N at 1 W, 1 kHz; residual noise floor 52 µVRMS A-weighted
  • Configurable output stage – 2 x BTL, 1 x PBTL
  • Volume control and peak limiter
  • Extremely low idle power enables prolonged battery life
  • Smallest output filtering without bulky inductors
  • Easy-to-pass EMI test without sacrificing efficiency or audio performance
  • Premium sound quality due to low THD+N and low noise floor
  • Flexible output configuration to support different speaker numbers and power level
  • Battery powered speakers
  • Bluetooth®/wireless/smart speakers and soundbars
  • Conference speakers
  • Multichannel/multi‑room audio systems


Development Boards Available


The EVAL_AUDIO_MA2304DNS and EVAL_AUDIO_MA2304PNS are evaluation boards featuring the inductor-less multilevel MERUS™ MA2304DNS and MA2304PNS, respectively. Each board contains digital input/output (I/O) and a variety of output and setup/selection features as well as one onboard buck power supply generator (1.8V/3.3V selectable) so only one external power supply (PVDD) is necessary. Audio amplifier design engineers can use these boards for evaluating or demonstrating key features/advantages of the MERUS™ technology.


Board features and audio performance

Number of audio channels 2 (BTL) or 1 (PBTL)
Audio input format Digital (I2S, LJF, RJF or TDM)
Typical supply voltage 18 V (PVDD)
Output noise level 52 µVRMS (high audio performance mode)
Dynamic range 106 dB (high audio performance mode)
Idle consumption at PVDD = 18 V 61 mW (low power consumption mode)
  • 1 W, 8 Ω
  • Full-scale, 8 Ω
  • More than 79 percent
  • More than 90 percent
Benefits of Infineon's MA2304xNS Family