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Infineon OPTIGA™ Trust M Express

No compromise on security

With demand surging for wearable healthcare technology such as medical wristbands and smart watches with health tracking and monitoring features, Infineon Technologies’ OPTIGA™ Trust M Express offers rock-solid security for healthcare IoT devices every step of the way from manufacturing through cloud onboarding to field deployment.

The cryptographic identity of OPTIGA™ Trust M Express is provisioned in a certified and secured Infineon fab. It is protected from exposure at all stages during the product lifetime. This off-the-shelf solution removes the need for secured ID injection during IoT device manufacturing, allowing you to enhance the security of your medical IoT devices and their cloud connectivity while simplifying the production flow, accelerating time-to-market, and increasing cost efficiency.

OPTIGA™ Trust M Express reduces complexity and costs while increasing security:

  • Pre-provisioning: A unique device identity (x.509 certificate) is injected into OPTIGA™ Trust M Express in a security-certified Infineon facility to enable secured cloud authentication and secured communication with Azure, AWS, and other private clouds.
  • Ready to use: OPTIGA™ Trust M Express is delivered off-the-shelf and requires no additional programming during the manufacturing process.
  • Zero-touch cloud onboarding: Support for automated onboarding of IoT devices to the cloud with CIRRENT™ Cloud ID.
  • Hardware-based security: Hardware is certified to CC EAL 6+ with state-of-the-art cryptography.
  • Robustness: Up to 20 years’ lifetime for industrial and infrastructure applications.
  • Open source: MIT-licensed software framework on GitHub: github.com/Infineon/OPTIGA-Trust-M.

OPTIGA™ Trust M Express is the easiest way to securely deploy IoT devices to the cloud at scale.


  • Save costs
  • Go to market quickly
  • Scale quickly
  • Robust security


  • Pre-provisioned with ready-to-use certificates and keys for AWS multi-account registration and Azure IoT Hub pre-registration
  • CIRRENT™ Cloud ID support for automated provisioning of IoT devices in the product cloud
  • CC EAL6+ (high) certified high-end security controller
    • ECC: NIST curves up to P-521
    • Brainpool r1 curve up to 512 bits
    • RSA with keys up to 2048 bits
    • AES key up to 256 bits, HMAC up to SHA-512
    • TLS v1.2 PRF and HKDF up to SHA-512
    • True/Digital random number generators (TRNG/DRNG)
  • Cryptographic toolbox commands for SHA-256, ECC and RSA® features, AES, HMAC and key derivation

Potential Applications

Smart Cities

  • Street lights

Smart Mobility

  • EV chargers
  • E-scooters

Smart Buildings

  • Commercial HVAC systems

Smart Smart Home

  • Residential aircons
  • Large home appliances

Industrial IoT (IIoT)


  • Connected dental equipment
  • Connected toothbrushes