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Panasonic R35 Series RF Connectors

Featuring a narrow 0.35 mm pitch for board-to-FPC

Panasonic features the R35 Series High Frequency 5G Connectors, which are ultra-small connectors for high frequency applications in consumer, IoT, wearables, measurement devices and more such as smart phones, laptops, routers, tablets, smart watches, Bluetooth headphones, and testers.

The R35 connector uses 2 RF pins on each end of the connector to transmit signals of up to 15 GHz. The high frequency 5G Connector also utilizes 5 general signal pins and 3 ground pins as well as a metal shield to improve EMI/EMS characteristics.

Maintaining Panasonic’s unique Tough Contact construction, the RF35 Series connector consists of bellowed contacts for shock and vibration resistance and a v-notch construction shape that maintains 2 points of contact between the socket and header pins.

The robust structure and high frequency characteristics make the RF35 Series ideal for antenna modules and communication electronics.


Good SI / EMI / EMS characteristics with high frequency application:

Tough Contact structure achieves high contact reliability and high retention force:

Tough metal exposure structure:

Fully-shielded structure in both socket and header significantly improves EMI / EMS characteristics

High removal force and high reliability

Protects against shock impact by misalignment motion or dropping


  • Connection between antenna module to main board 5G Millimeter-wave Antenna / UWB (Ultra Wide Band) Antenna, etc
  • Smart phone / Tablet / Laptop / Router