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Every Feature You Want, And a Few You Didn’t Know You Needed

Luminaire manufacturers often view their design challenges as unique, yet virtually all share a common imperative: the need to get to market fast with highly differentiated lighting solutions capable of outpacing the competition. Fortunately, there’s a proven solution that brings increased agility and next-generation designs within reach: Matrix Platform from Lumileds.

The shortest distance from inspiration to innovation

Matrix Platform challenges status quo manufacturing models by combining industry-leading LUXEON LEDs with the power of proprietary Advanced Technologies – then custom configuring them on substrates to fit manufacturers’ specific requirements. The result is a game-changing solution tailored to meet the most demanding design specifications and yield maximum supply chain value.

Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies pave the way for design and manufacturing breakthroughs

What truly sets Matrix Platform apart is its portfolio of exclusive Advanced Technologies. Tapping into decades of optical, electrical, mechanical and thermal expertise – as well as global LED design and manufacturing experience – Lumileds has once again raised the bar with its first wave of Advanced Technologies.

Advanced Technologies optimize Matrix Platform performance, efficiency and predictability

An integrated approach to supply chain simplification

At Lumileds, providing luminaire manufacturers with a streamlined process for achieving optimal design and engineering outcomes has always been a primary goal. Matrix Platform takes this commitment to new levels by leveraging Lumileds many years of in-house production expertise – from individual LED die to integrated LED light engines – to deliver a singlesource solution for the highest quality luminaires and lighting systems. This holistic approach reduces LED inventory, dramatically minimizes waste and yield loss, and improves product reliability. And the benefits don’t end there. Manufacturers also have access to the Lumileds technology roadmap to help lay a solid foundation for future product planning.

By combining the industry’s finest LEDs with proprietary technologies and unparalleled design expertise, Matrix Platform delivers tailored, applicationspecific light engines that are ready for installation into final luminaire assemblies, reducing complexity and accelerating time to market – and time to revenue.

Matrix Platform Advanced Technologies


Lumileds – Oberon Intelligent Assembly Oberon Intelligent Assembly
This proprietary pick-and-place system features the industry’s only algorithmic LED mixing technology—guaranteeing consistent characteristics and performance board to board.


Lumileds – Integrated Light Guides Integrated Light Guides
These advanced components soften high-intensity LED pixels to create a more uniform light surface, an increasingly important end game as luminaire form factors become smaller and smaller.


Lumileds – Integrated Drivers Integrated Drivers
These application-specific topologies are designed to address the trend of incorporating more electronic components—including the all-important power source—into a fully integrated, driver-on-board LED system. Integrated Drivers can also be tailored to unique manufacturer requirements, helping amp up system-level optimization.


Lumileds – Connectivity and Controls Connectivity and Controls
This sophisticated functionality allows lighting designers to bring cutting-edge luminaires to market that can be controlled remotely, using an app or other device.


Lumileds – Color Tuning Electronics Color Tuning Electronics
This patented circuitry technology allows LEDs to mimic the warm, yellow dimming pattern that is the hallmark of halogen bulbs by controlling both a warm and a cool LED with two drivers that pair seamlessly with simple single channel drivers.


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