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Infineon XDPS2221 PFC + Hybrid-Flyback - Combo Controller

XDP™ digital power in adapters and chargers – industry’s first PFC + hybrid flyback combo IC

Infineon’s XDP™ digital power XDPS2221 PWM controller is a highly integrated device combining both a multimode AC-DC PFC controller and a multimode DC-DC hybrid-flyback controller. The integration of PFC and hybrid-flyback into a single package enables the reduction of external bill of material components and optimizes the system performance by harmonized and seamless operation of the two stages.

This innovative controller enables high power density designs and high system efficiency meeting international regulatory standards on power efficiency (such as EU CoC Version 5 Tier 2 and DoE Level VI) as well as an effective control of the wide output voltage up to 28 V for the latest USB-PD extended power range (EPR) standard V3.1. It is very well suited to drive GaN-based devices, such as Infineon’s CoolGaN™ switches.

High Level of Integration

The XDPS2221 controller by Infineon is integrated with a high-side driver coupled with a coreless transformer and a low-side driver driving the high- and the low-side switches of the HFB stage, as well as a driver for the PFC switch. It enables a simple system structure out of the traditional flyback topology, but comes with the performance of a resonant half-bridge converter. The integrated, multi-mode PFC controller utilizes a quasi-resonant switching scheme, which operates in critical conduction mode and ensures high efficiency across different line input and load conditions. In addition, a 600 V start-up cell offers big BOM savings. A comprehensive suite of protection offers a reliable operation under all operating conditions.

Besides these, the controller has an embedded digital core and supports system fine-tuning by configurable parameters. This allows taking this controller as a development platform for different applications and/or power levels and makes the life of power system design engineers easier.

XDPS2221 Block Diagram

Infineon — XDPS2221 Block diagram

Key Features

  • High-performance multi-mode PFC with critical conduction mode operation
  • High efficiency multi-mode hybrid-flyback topology with adaptive resonant period
  • Supports USB-PD standard V3.1 extended power range (EPR) with wide output voltage up to 28 V (36 V/ 48 V to be covered by XDPS2222 available in Q2/2023)
  • Highly integrated combo controller for the PFC and hybrid flyback topology, including a 600 V start-up cell
  • DSO-14 (150-mil) package

Key Benefits

  • Low no-load input standby power performance
  • Low BOM cost and count
  • Low standby and high efficiency across various line/load conditions
  • High power density and high switching frequency
  • Easily configurable
  • Optimization via GUI tools

Target Applications

  • Adapters and chargers
    • with ultra-high power density
    • with extended power range (EPR)


Infineon REF_XDPS2221_140W1 Reference Board

140 W reference board for ultra-high power density in USB-C chargers with EPR and adapters

The reference board REF_XDPS2221_140W1 was developed for USB-PD applications with a wide input range and output voltage from 5 V to 28 V. The nominal output power of this design is 140 W.

It features the industry’s first PFC + hybrid flyback combo controller XDP™ digital power XDPS2221, CoolGaN™ 600 V GIT HEMTs (IGLD60R190D1) as the main switch, and on the secondary side the BSC040N10NS5 OptiMOS™ 5 N-channel MOSFET serving as the SR switch. The P-channel HEXFET™ power MOSFET IRF7240 is the safety switch and the EZ-PD™ CCG3PA was implemented for PD control.

The board has a dimension of 109.5 mm x 38.5 mm x 24 mm and a power density of 22.67 W/in³. Two layers PCBs are used for the whole system, which results in low system cost. The board fulfills the efficiency requirement from DOE VI and CoC Tier 2. The 5 V standby input power is below 75 mW.

Infineon — REF_XDPS2221_140W1 Reference Board
REF_XDPS2221_140W1 Application Notes

List of Components:

  • Controller IC (XDP™ digital power XDPS2221)
  • PD controller (EZ-PD™ CCG3PA CYPD3175)
  • PFC and HFB switches (CoolGaN™ 600 V GIT HEMT IGLD60R190D1)
  • SR MOSFET (OptiMOS™ 5 N-channel MOSFET BSC040N10NS5)
  • USB load switch (HEXFET™ P-channel power MOSFET IRF7240)
  • VCC regulator switch (BSS169)