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NXP LPC550x/S0x MCU Family

Market's Lowest Cost Arm Cortex-M33 MCU

The baseline NXP LPC550x/S0x MCU family, with lower cost options and a smaller footprint, further expands the existing general-purpose LPC5500 MCU series. The microcontroller group features advanced security and safety integration that offer industrial, IoT and embedded applications an extra level of protection.

Offering excellent ecosystem advantages for developers, including pin, software and peripheral compatibility in addition to a comprehensive portfolio of software and tools, the NXP LPC550x/S0x MCU family helps accelerate time to market.

The LPC5500 MCU Series leverages the Arm® Cortex®-M33 technology, combining significant product architecture enhancements and greater integration over previous generations; offering dramatic power consumption improvements and advanced security features including SRAM PUF based root of trust and provisioning, real-time execution from encrypted images (internal flash), and asset protection with Arm TrustZone®-M.

In addition, the LPC5500 microcontroller series provides a comprehensive offering and several scalability options, all of which benefit from 40-nm cost advantages, broad scalable packages and memory options, as well as a robust enablement including the MCUXpresso Software and Tools ecosystem and low-cost development boards.

LPC550x/S0x MCU Family | Key Features

  • An Arm® Cortex®-M33 MCU family at 10Ku
  • High-efficient 40-nm flash technology
  • Over 380 EEMBC® CoreMarks and as low as 32uA/MHz2
  • System integration for Industrial and IoT Markets
  • High-Precision ADCs
  • CAN-FD for industrial control
  • Enhanced safety and security with Arm TrustZone-M technology
  • Comprehensive enablement with MCUXpresso Ecosystem


  • Industrial & Building Automation
    • Remote IO and Sensor Nodes
    • Elevators and Lifts
    • Smart Lighting and Utilities
  • Consumer Products
    • Gaming and PC Peripherals
    • Vehicle/Asset Tracking Systems
    • Cordless Power Tools and Appliances
  • Smart Home
    • Secure/Biometric Access Control
    • Security Systems
    • Sensor Nodes


LPC550x/S0x MCU Family Block Diagram

NXP LPC550x/S0x MCU Family Block Diagram


LPC550x/S0x MCU Family | Specifications

➤Arm Cortex-M33 core
➤On-chip memory
➤Security features
➤Serial interfaces
➤Digital peripherals
➤Analog peripherals
➤Clock generation
➤Power-saving modes
➤Additional information

Details refer to LPC55S0x/LPC550x Datasheet


LPCXpresso55S06 Board (LPC55S06-EVK)

The LPCXpresso55S06 development board provides the ideal platform for evaluation of and development with the LPC550x/S0x MCU based on the Arm® Cortex®-M33 architecture. The board includes a high-performance onboard debug probe and accelerometer, with several options for adding off-the-shelf add-on boards for networking, sensors, displays, and other interfaces.

The LPCXpresso55S06 is fully supported by the MCUXpresso suite of tools, which provides device drivers, middleware and examples to allow rapid development, plus configuration tools and an optional free IDE. MCUXpresso software is compatible with the open source MCU operating system FreeRTOS, tools from popular tool vendors such as Arm and IAR, and the LPCXpresso55S06 may also be used with the popular debug probes available from SEGGER and P&E Micro.

NXP LPCXpresso55S06 Board (LPC55S06-EVK)


  • LPC55S06 Arm Cortex-M33 microcontroller running at up to 96 MHz
  • I2C, UART and SPI port from LPC55S06. CAN-FD transceiver and D-sub connector compatible with PCAN-USB FD adaptor
  • Onboard, high-speed USB, Link2 debug probe with CMSIS-DAP and SEGGER J-Link protocol options
  • Hardware support for external debug probe
  • NXP MMA8652FCR1 accelerometer
  • MikroElectronica Click expansion option
  • LPCXpresso-V3 expansion connectors compatible with Arduino UNO R3
  • PMod compatible expansion/ host connector
  • RGB user LED, plus Reset, ISP, Wake and user buttons

Enablement: Software