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Cornell Dubilier — TTA Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors


Cornell Dubilier Electronics


Cornell Dubilier TTA Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

General purpose axial lead capacitors for space-constrained applications that demand reliability

Cornell Dubilier TTA Series Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors are innovative capacitors tailored to ruggedized applications and space savings.

These passive electrical components not only bring power to your device. The CDE TTA series of capacitors brings extended life and the performance you need in such applications ranging from defibrillators and medical imaging to radar systems and UPS power backup for large data systems.

Operating Temperature

  • -40°C to +85°C (10 to 350 WVDC)
  • -25°C to +85°C (450 WVDC)

Key Features

  • Axial Lead
  • High Voltage
  • Extended product life
  • Capacitance tolerance of +20% at 120 Hz, 20°C


  • Filtering
  • Bypass
  • Coupling
  • Blocking

Cornell Dubilier Electronics

Through their extensive range of solutions including Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors, Film Capacitors, Mica Capacitors and Super Capacitors, Cornell Dubilier enables electronic industry professionals to build and design modern, high-performing solutions for applications like renewable energy, medical, electric vehicles , HVAC, motion control and more.

Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Aluminum electrolytic capacitors have been one of the mainstays in the capacitor industry for many years dating back to the days radio and broadcasting was coming to light. These types of capacitors started to appear more frequently in domestic settings because of its high capacitance and small footprint. Used in vast quantities, they are the most popular leaded type with their high level of capacitance for a given volume.