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Don’t be left in the dark

Dirty power, loss of neutral and voltage swells can leave your customers in the dark as they can cause not just one fixture, but the entire circuit of fixtures to fail. Dirty power cannot be protected in the same way as a surge- you need something more. LED technology is much more sensitive to these episodes than the traditional HID systems originally installed in the building. One loss of neutral episode could potentially result in damages worth hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The Advance 's Xitanium DuraVolt LED drivers are designed to address drop neutral failures on 277V lines and other power quality issues.

Thermal Cruise Control with DuraVolt

It is now possible to maintain a thermal cruise control on your luminaires with the new Advanced Driver Thermal Limit (DTL) technology available with Xitanium DuraVolt. This helps in preventing the use of your luminaires beyond the specified temperature, in turn helping prevent the early failure of thermally sensitive components.


Alleviate the risk of a customer's dark facility with Xitanium DuraVolt LED drivers

Advance Xitanium DuraVolt LED drivers are designed to help alleviate failures due to poor power quality. These drivers are ideal for use in retrofit and rehab jobs for industrial and outdoor luminaries that are more prone to poor power quality and loss of neutral.

They enable long life luminaire designs with a wide variety of loads and adjustable current options while continuing to offer the same quality and features of our proven lines Xitanium drivers.

  • Programmable output current through SimpleSet
  • 6kV combi-wave surge rating to comply with ANSI C82.77-5 CAT C
  • 277V-480V operating window
  • A 50,000+ hour lifetime
  • Available in non-auxiliary and SR versions
  • DuraVolt SR version is D4i certified



Signify: The Advance Xitanium DuraVolt LED Drivers