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The BLDC-SHIELD_IFX007T is a high-current motor-control board based on Infineon’s smart NovalithIC™ IFX007T half- bridge driver IC. It is compatible with the Arduino board standard and Infineon’s XMC4700 Boot Kit for the XMC4700 series of microcontrollers.

This Brushless DC (BLDC) motor-control shield is equipped with three smart IFX007T half-bridge drivers, and is capable of driving a single BLDC motor. Alternatively, it can be used to drive one or two bi-directional DC motors in an H-bridge configuration, cascaded to support a second motor, or up to three unidirectional BLDC motors in a half-bridge configuration. The board’s IFX007T half-bridges can be controlled by a PWM input to the In pin.

The shield board is supported by Infineon demonstration code and the Infineon online simulation tool.

  • Compatible with Arduino Uno R3
  • Capable of high-frequency PWM control at frequencies up to 30kHz
  • Easy testing of half- and full-bridge motor- control systems
  • Status flag diagnosis with current-sense capability
  • Brushed and brushless DC motor drives with up to 300W continuous load and 8V to 40V nominal input voltage
  • Industrial motors
  • Motors for home or garden appliances


Infineon’s IFX007T board drives motors with power ratings up to 300W

Infineon’s IFX007T board drives motors with power ratings up to 300W


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