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Panasonic Industry EVPAW Light Touch Switches

IP67-rated tactile switches for reliable smart wearable devices

Panasonic Industry supplies a series of Light Touch switches for wearable and personal electronics devices which can maintain high operating performance over a long lifetime in the presence of sweat, condensation and other sources of moisture and contamination. The IP67-rated EVPAW series switches are therefore ideal for use in smart watches, wireless earphones and other devices which are worn for long periods of time and in harsh operating conditions.

An electro-mechanical switch, the EVPAW gives direct tactile feedback to the user, and can withstand abusive operating events such as accidental knocks and bumps, as well as exposure to sweat.

Many wearable devices, whether in the user’s hands, on their feet or on their heads, are exposed to sweat, which contains salt. When wearing a Bluetooth® wireless headset, for instance, during a workout at the gym, sweat will drip down the cable into the mechanism which operates the volume control and the microphone. If this mechanism is not waterproof as specified by a IP67 rating, sweat will get into the switch.

When dry, the salt from the sweat remains inside the device and can cause the switch to malfunction. The same applies to water, damp, moisture and dust penetration. To withstand these harsh operating conditions, the housing of the switch requires an IP67 protection rating.

To make the EVPAW switches, Panasonic Industry uses a patented laser-welding process in which the switch is sealed with a thin nylon layer applied over the switch actuator. Superior to adhesively bonded and short-lived silicone membranes, the EVPAW’s nylon sealing safeguards the haptics of the switch and protects it from developing any sign of wear.

EVPAW Features

  • External dimensions: 3.0mm × 2.0mm, height 0.6mm
  • Push-plate actuator
  • 10ms maximum bounce time
  • 500mΩ maximum contact resistance
  • Operating-temperature range: -40°C to 85°C

EVPAW Applications

  • Mobile phones
  • Portable audio players
  • Wearable devices
  • Portable electronics devices