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Melexis’ new MLX90371 and MLX90372 bring stray magnetic field immunity to the Triaxis® family of magnetic rotary and linear position sensors.

The parts support a wide variety of automotive position-sensing applications, including actuators in the powertrain and human machine interfaces. The MLX90371 features an analogue or PWM output signal. The MLX90372 provides a SENT or PWM output.

The sensors may be used to measure either onaxis rotary or linear motion with a four-pole or two-pole magnet.

Building on the legacy of the Triaxis sensor family, the MLX90371/90372 offer substantial improvements over the previous generation of products. The new stray field-immune mode greatly reduces or even eliminates the effect of stray fields from other magnets or from current-carrying conductors found in electric vehicles.

Other improvements introduced in the MLX90371 and MLX90372 include better EMC capability, higher temperature operation up to an ambient temperature of 160°C, and reduced thermal drift.

The Melexis devices are ready for use in applications that require compliance with the ISO 26262 functional safety standard to ASIL-B (MLX90371) or ASIL-C (MLX90372) grade. Options include a fully redundant dual-die package option.

  • Programmable linearisation algorithm: arbitrary points (8 points) or piece-wise-linear (32 points)
  • Programmable measurement range
  • 12-bit angular resolution
  • 10-bit thermal accuracy
  • AEC-Q100 qualified to Grade 0
  • Automotive drivetrain
    • Electric throttle body sensor
    • Coolant valve sensor
    • Turbo wastegate sensor
  • Automotive human-machine interfaces
    • Rotary knobs
    • Menu and volume selectors
  • Transmission
    • Clutch and fork position sensing
    • Lever/slide switch
  • Chassis and safety devices
    • Ride-height sensor
    • Fuel level sensor
    • Accelerator, brake or clutch sensor


Melexis position sensors measure linear or rotary motion

Melexis position sensors measure linear or rotary motion


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