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The TLF35584 is a multiple output PMIC for safety-relevant applications supplying 5V-μC, transceivers, and sensors by an efficient and flexible pre-/post-regulator concept over a wide input voltage range. This PRO-SIL™ ISO26262- compliant device fulfills the properties required by the ISO26262 (Automotive Safety) Standard.

The multiple safety features of the TLF35584 enables easy realization of ASIL-D on system level together with various Microcontrollers (µCs).

The features for this PMIC addressing pre-/post-regulator concept for boost and buck/LDOs and trackers include:

The integration of functional safety features supporting ASIL-D include:

  • Under-/over–voltage monitoring of all domains
  • Flexible watchdogs
  • Error-monitoring of µC’s Safety Management Unit
  • Safe state controller with 2 outputs
  • BIST (Build-In Self-Test)

This OPTIREG™ PMIC TLF35584 was developed according to ISO26262. The applied processes, safety assessment, and provided documentation (Safety Manual, Safety Analysis Summary Report) are reducing efforts and time for the safety assessment on ECU-level. Required safety integrity functions for ASIL-D are already implemented: UV/OV-monitoring of all rails with independent reference, detecting dependent failures by flexible watchdog-concept, monitoring of µC’s safety management unit, and a safe state controller providing secondary safety paths. A built-in-self-test is ensuring the proper function of the relevant safety features. All features are perfectly aligned to the Infineon’s AURIX™-requirements, but are extended to support other µCs as well.

All safety-relevant configurations are protected and can only be changed by special, successfully performed unlock/lock-sequence.