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For 100 years WECO has been there...

SMarTconn Surface Mount Terminal Blocks for PCB

Connectors Engineered for SMT Assembly Processes

WECO has developed the SMarTconn line of SMT power terminal blocks capable of handling power from 8 A up to 17.5 A and available in 2 to 12 poles, enough to power complex IoT control boards required in large automated factories.

SMarTconn terminal blocks address the general trend toward smaller components, which is evident in industrial automation. Since the advent of "Internet of Things" (IoT) and Industry 4.0, the requirement for space-saving solutions is essential. In addition to high performance, the need to maximize PCB real estate is also of paramount importance. The surface mounted technology (SMT) is not only popular to transmit power with low current, but also important to save space for power connectors. This is where WECO SMarTconn plays an important role.

Larger power connectors of more than 2.54 mm pitch are subjected to greater mechanical stress than other smaller passive or active electronic components. During the assembly process, enormous forces are generated, whether by connecting electrical conductors or applying a corresponding connector strip.

WECO studied the issue and designed a line of SMarTconn terminal blocks with floating elements. Each contact is independent and able to “float“ within the terminal body, ensuring coplanarity with the PCB surface. The principle of a floating contact allows proper alignment to the PCB as the capillary action of the solder paste aligns each contact independently thus eliminating the CTE (coefficient of thermal expansion) mismatch during the reflow process.

The principle of floating elements is also applied to the anchors. Similarly to the individual contacts, floating anchors are aligned to the larger solder pads by capillary action and kept in place prior to the reflow solder process. Once soldered the terminal block is securely anchored to the PCB.

  • Optimal Total Cost of Operation (TCO)
  • Overall cost savings
  • Increased Real Estate on the PCB
  • Reliable
  • Eliminate CTE mismatch
  • Robust
  • IoT & Connectivity
  • CNC Machine Control Panel
  • Factory Process Control Panel - Power Distribution
  • Lighting
  • Energy Management
  • Smart Homes and Buildings
  • Communication Technology
  • Automotive electronics


WECO – Pin strip assembly coplanarity


Adaptability. Reliability. Performance.

WECO's connectors and terminal blocks have lasted the test of time, proven over the years our products are adaptable and are an integral part of green energy power connectivity.


WECO – SMarTconn

SMarTconn Series