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STMicroelectronics M95P32 SPI Page EEPROM

Ultra low power 32-Mbit serial SPI page EEPROM with dual and quad outputs

STMicroelectronics’ M95P32-I and M95P32-E are manufactured with ST's advanced proprietary NVM technology. They offer byte flexibility, page alterability, high page cycling performance, and ultra-low power consumption, equivalent to that of EEPROM technology.

The M95P32-I and M95P32-E are a 32-Mbit SPI page EEPROM device organized as 8192 programmable pages of 512 bytes each, accessed through an SPI bus with high-performance dual- and quad-SPI outputs.

The device offers two additional (identification) pages of 512 bytes:

Additional status, configuration, and volatile registers set the desired device configuration, while the safety register gives device status information.

The M95P32-I operates with a supply voltage from 1.6 to 3.6 V over an ambient temperature range of -40 °C to +85 °C (+105 °C for the extended range). The M95P32-E offers an extended range of temperature of -40°C to +105 °C. The device supports a clock frequency of up to 80 MHz.

The M95P32-I and M95P32-E offer byte and page write instructions of up to 512 bytes. Write instructions consist of self-timed auto erase and program operations, resulting in flexible data byte management.

The devices also accept page/block/sector/chip erase commands in order to set the memory to an erased state.

The memory can then be fast-programmed by pages of 512 bytes, and further optimized using the "page program with buffer load" to hide the SPI communication latency.

8 to 32Mbit Page EEPROM

Based on advanced 40nm process technology and a new architecture, Page EEPROM goes beyond today's market-standard EEPROMs. Available in SO8N, DFN8 and WLCSP8 packages, the Page EEPROM product family brings the benefits of Serial EEPROM with breakthrough performance.


  • SPI interface
    • Supports serial peripheral interface (SPI) and dual/quad outputs
    • Wide voltage range:
      • VCC from 1.6 to 3.6 V
    • Temperature range:
      • Industrial range: -40 °C to +85 °C
      • Extended range: -40 °C to +105 °C
    • Fast read:
      • 50 MHz read single output
      • 80 MHz fast read single/dual/quad output with one dummy byte
  • Memory
    • 32 Mbits of page EEPROM
      • 64-Kbyte blocks, 4-Kbyte sectors
      • Page size: 512 bytes
      • Two identification pages
    • Write endurance:
      • 500 kcycles on full temperature range
    • Data retention:
      • 100 years
      • 10 years after 500 kcycles
  • Ultra-low power consumption
    • 0.6 μA (typ) in deep power-down mode
    • 16 μA (typ) in Standby mode
    • 800 μA (typ) for read single at 10 MHz
    • 1.5 mA (typ) for page write
    • Current peak control < 3 mA
  • High write erase performance
    • Fast Write/Prog/Erase times
      • 2 ms (typ) for byte and page write (includes auto erase and program) for 512 bytes
      • 1.2 ms (typ) for page program (512 bytes)
      • 1.1 ms (typ) for page erase
      • 1.3 ms (typ) for sector erase
      • 4 ms (typ) for block erase
      • 15 ms (typ) for chip erase
    • Page program with buffer load
  • Advanced features
    • ECC for high memory reliability (DEC,TED)
    • Schmitt trigger inputs for noise filtering
    • Output buffer programmable strength
    • Operating status flags for ISO26262
    • Software reset
    • Write protection by block, with top/bottom option
    • Unique ID upon request
    • Electronic identification
    • Support of serial flash memory discoverable parameters (SFDP) mode
    • JEDEC standard manufacturer identification
  • Package
    • ECOPACK2 (RoHS compliant) and halogen-free packages:
      • DFN8
      • SO8N
      • WLCSP8
  • ESD protection:
    • HBM (human body model): 2000 V
    • CDM: 500 V


  • Wearables
  • Medical and Healthcare
  • IoT for Smart Home and City
  • IoT for Smart Industry
  • Smarter, More Accurate Recording
  • Product Monitoring & Data Protection

M95P32-I/E Block diagram

STMicroelectronics — M95P32-I/E Block diagram

M95P32-I/E Typical Application Example

STMicroelectronics — M95P32-I/E Typical Application Example



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