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MIC4451 Series 1 Ohm 12 A Peak Low-Side MOSFET Driver - TO-220-5

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Mfr. Name: Microchip
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Date Code: 2105
Product Specification Section
Technical Attributes
Attributes Table
Configuration: Low Side
No of Outputs: Single
Output Impedance:
Peak Output Current: 12A
Supply Voltage-Max: 18V
Package Style:  TO-220-5
Mounting Method: Flange Mount
Features & Applications

MIC4451ZT and MIC4452 CMOS MOSFET drivers are tough, efficient, and easy to use. The MIC4451 is an inverting driver, while the MIC4452 is a non-inverting driver. Both versions are capable of 12 A (peak) output and can drive the largest MOSFETs with an improved safe operating margin.

The MIC4451/4452 accepts any logic input from 2.4 V to VS without external speed-up capacitors or resistor networks. Proprietary circuits allow the input to swing negative by as much as 5 V without damaging the part. Additional circuits protect against damage from electrostatic discharge. MIC4451/4452 drivers can replace three or more discrete components, reducing PCB area requirements, simplifying product design, and reducing assembly cost. Modern Bipolar/CMOS/DMOS construction guarantees freedom from latch-up. The rail-to-rail swing capability of CMOS/DMOS insures adequate gate voltage to the MOSFET during power up/down sequencing. Since these devices are fabricated on a self-aligned process, they have very low crossover current, run cool, use little power, and are easy to drive.

Key Features:

  • BiCMOS/DMOS Construction.
  • Latch-Up Proof: Fully Isolated Process is Inherently Immune to Any Latch-up.
  • Input Will Withstand Negative Swing of Up to 5 V.
  • Matched Rise and Fall Times 25 ns.
  • High Peak Output Current 12 A Peak.
  • Wide Operating Range 4.5 V to 18 V.
  • High Capacitive Load Drive 62,000 pF.
  • Low Delay Time 30 ns Typ.
  • Logic High Input for Any Voltage from 2.4 V to VS.
  • Low Supply Current 450 µA With Logic 1 Input.
  • Low Output Impedance 1.0 Ω.
  • Output Voltage Swing to Within 25 mV of GND or VS.
  • Low Equivalent Input Capacitance (typ) 7 pF.


  • Switch Mode Power Supplies.
  • Motor Controls.
  • Pulse Transformer Driver.
  • Class-D Switching Amplifiers.
  • Line Drivers.
  • Driving MOSFET or IGBT Parallel Chip Modules.
  • Local Power ON/OFF Switch.
  • Pulse Generators.
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