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High-Precision GNSS Antennas for Automotive Applications

Connected vehicles and autonomous driving are key factors driving growth in the automotive market, and Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) is a primary wireless protocol adopted to support emergency, navigation, and positioning services. High-precision GNSS is now transforming these systems thanks to its centimeter/decimeter level reliability and accuracy to assist autonomous services. Additionally, A-GNSS (Augmented GNSS) used in conjunction with GNSS helps quicken the start-up performance for positioning.

Antennas play a vital role in making or breaking wireless communication. Diverse types of antennas for GNSS and A-GNSS are employed throughout the body of an automobile to work with the GNSS and A-GNSS modules and chipsets. This presentation will detail GNSS bands for high-precision GNSS applications, RF (Radio Frequency) receiver requirements, available high-precision GNSS and A-GNSS antennas, ways to integrate antennas into automotive vehicles, and factors to determine antenna performance.


Key Takeaways for Attendees

Learn about the following for automotive applications:

  1. Multiband GNSS bands, Key RF system level receiver requirements, use of A-GNSS in assisting GNSS system
  2. GNSS and A-GNSS antennas:
    1. Types
    2. Application integration methods
    3. Key performance metrics
    4. Advantages


Presenter – Roshni Prasad
Associate Product Engineer – RF & Antennas, Abracon

Roshni Prasad is an Associate Product Engineer at Abracon. She helps manage the RF antenna & filter portfolio and works with customers to successfully design Abracon RF components into their products.

Prasad graduated from The University of Texas at Dallas with an Master of Science in Electrical Engineering, specializing in RF and Wireless Communication. She has more than 3 years of experience in the RF and antennas field, including R&D/product development and application engineering. Prasad is a technical reviewer for the IEEE APS and Communications societies. She was heavily involved with SWE as a collegiate member at UT Dallas, assisting as an outreach volunteer, and continues to support SWE as a professional member, serving as the Outreach Chair for the Austin chapter throughout her career.



You will hear from:
Roshni Prasad

Roshni Prasad
Associate Product Engineer – RF & Antennas, Abracon