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Take User Interface Design to a New Level

In this webinar, explore the benefits of Azoteq’s inductive technology and how it can be used as an innovative waterproof and dust proof interface design, in applications such as waterproof cameras, personal electronics, TWS, wearables and many more consumer products.

Based on contactless inductive sensing, Azoteq's user interface solutions are easy to manufacture, robust and reliable, which makes them ideal in end applications requiring low power consumption and space-saving advantages.

Waterproof Solutions

Azoteq’s inductive technology allows for the designing of various dust and waterproof user interfaces based on contactless inductive sensing.

  • Waterproof Button: An inductive sensing coil that is sealed inside the housing allows for the detection of a small deflection or change in distance.
  • Force Sensing: Occurs when the user squeezes the housing of an earbud to produce a function. The inductive coils can detect as little as 2um deflection of the metal target.
  • Contactless Slider: A slider can be implemented beneath a sealed plastic housing making the solution completely waterproof. The inductive coils detect the position of the metal object.
  • Removeable Knob: Design a removable and replaceable waterproof stove knob that can be easily cleaned and child-safe.


In this webinar we will discuss various points including:

  • The concept of inductive sensing
  • The advantages of using inductive sensing opposed to other alternatives
  • Ideas and examples of interfaces where inductive sensing would be ideal
  • Explaining the ease of implementing inductive sensing in consumer electronics



Jean Viljoen joined Azoteq in 2000 and was one of the key architects who created the ProxSense® product line in 2004 and has been involved with the product line ever since. In 2005 Mr. Viljoen moved into a marketing role and also took on responsibility for the application group at the Paarl Development Centre. Since 2010 Mr. Viljoen has been responsible for worldwide marketing and business development activities of the 2 sensor families of products.



Tuesday March 30th, 2021
11:00 AM - 12:00 PM EDT

You will hear from:

Jean Viljoen - Vice President of Marketing, Azoteq

Jean Viljoen

Vice President of Marketing, Azoteq