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Learn about wearable temperature solutions from Melexis.

The importance of continuous health monitoring has ramped up in light of the global pandemic, but one area remains a seemingly elusive target.

While Photoplethysmography (PPG) enables accurate measurement of SpO2, heart rate and breathing rate, wearable technology that measures accurate and reliable skin temperature has a void to fill, which is why we are teaming up with Melexis, a manufacturer of medical wearables and trend leading smart wearables, to host an hour-long must-see webinar.

Topics covered will include:

  • An introduction to MLX90632 technology and full solutions
  • Measuring skin temperature with wearables
  • A discussion period centered around contact and non-contact approaches
  • A wrap-up and Q&A session

More about Dr. Ir. Joris Roels:

Dr. Ir. Joris Roels received both his master and PhD in Electrical Engineering from Ghent University. In 2010, he joined Melexis, a Belgium-based company that develops, tests and markets advanced integrated semiconductor products. Since 2013, Joris has been in charge of the infrared temperature sensors product line with an increasing focus on medical and health monitoring related applications and markets.


Enabling Accurate and Reliable Thermometry in Wearables: Pitfalls and Solutions

You will hear from:

Dr. Ir. Joris Roels - Marketing Manager, Temperature Sensors

Dr. Ir. Joris Roels

Marketing Manager - Temperature Sensors