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ClearClock Crystal Oscillators

The ClearClock family of oscillators supports the next generation of bandwidth requirements for communications, cloud computing, storage, and RF applications. These oscillators lead the industry in low power consumption while maintaining typical jitter as low as 80fs. They also deliver phase noise performances that FPGAs and ICs require for serial data rates beyond 56Gbps. The ClearClock family includes phase locked loop and third overtone solutions offered in compact package sizes as small as 2.5 x 2.0 mm.

The AX7 series is optimized for superior rms jitter performance (119 typ), while consuming 130mW. The AX7 features the widest factory configurable frequency range from 50MHz to 2.1GHz in its performance class.

The AX5 series is available in a smaller 5 x 3.2 mm footprint for next generation networking and RF applications. This series leads the industry in low power consumption while maintaining typical jitter of 125fs, ideal for clocking serial data links beyond 56Gbps.

Typically consuming 30mW of power at the lowest operating voltage of 1.8V, the new AK2, AX3, AK5 and AK7 series deliver industry-leading low power consumption for low noise differential oscillators. The devices' simplified third overtone architecture avoids phase locked loop (PLL) based multiplication, reducing overall power consumption far below other high performance XO alternatives.

W-Series Quartz Crystals

Abracon’s newest series of quartz crystals offer low ESR specifications in combination with low CL options to address energy-saving MCU & portable communication chipset market trends. In the race to decrease power consumption, many on-chip oscillators are starved of output drive and often cannot sustain oscillation using standard quartz crystals with higher ESR & CL specifications. Abracon’s W Series of quartz crystals engineered for micro power applications overcome these challenges.

5G/4G/LTE Antennas

Abracon’s high performing 5G antennas provide coverage for sub-6 GHz 5G NR and CBRS bands. Cellular antennas operate across a broad range of frequencies between 700- 960 MHz, 1710-2170 MHz and 2500-2700 MHz, catering to all 4G/LTE/3G/2G applications. Abracon offers ceramic chip SMD antennas, flexible PCB antennas and external antennas with different mounts, omnidirectional radiation patterns and weather resistant capability (IP67 rated) for easy integration in wireless communication devices. High performing MIMO antennas with different mounting options are available for enhanced data rate and quality of service (QoS).

  • IoT
  • Machine to Machine
  • Telecommunications
  • Networking
  • Telematics Control Units
  • Video and Surveillance
  • Medical Devices
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Transport and Vehicles
  • Vending Machines
  • Fleet Monitoring
  • GSM Modems

Combo Antennas

Abracon offers combo antenna solutions in diverse types, from compact SMD chip to heavy duty external antennas with 2-in-1, 3-in-1, 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 protocol support. Abracon antennas feature IP67 rating for weather resistance to rugged environments. These high efficiency antennas integrate 4G/LTE/3G/2G/GSM, GNSS/GPS(L1/L5)/ GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo, dual-band WiFi and AM/FM bands for next-generation devices, offering long range connectivity and easy integration for IoT and machine-to-machine (M2M) applications. High data rates, throughputs and quality of service (QoS) can be achieved with our MIMO offerings for cellular and WiFi bands.

GNSS Antennas

Abracon offers GNSS/GPS(L1/L2/L5)/GLONASS/BeiDou/Galileo antennas with multi-band capability and weather resistance to maximize the GNSS receiver’s performance in rugged environments. The solutions span across a range of choices, such as linear, circular and omnidirectional polarization. They include small ceramic SMD chip antennas, directional patch antennas and high accuracy stacked patch antennas that allow flexibility of antenna orientation for receiving satellite signal. The options include active antennas with integrated high gain LNA guarantee positioning accuracy and reliability for GNSS signals.

  • IoT
  • Machine to Machine
  • Navigation
  • Rail Systems
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Industrial Drones
  • Surveying
  • Fleet Management
  • Marine GPS
  • Geofencing
  • Security Surveillance
  • Mapping
  • Smart Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Logistics