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Hirose Electric

Hirose Electric FH67 Series FPC Connector

One-action lock design and a rugged design

Hirose’s FH67 One Action Lock Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) Connector features an automatic one-action lock design to enhance workability. The connector has a rugged design, enabling its high retention force, high-heat resistance, and a ground pin to work with shielded FFC for EMI prevention.

Hirose Electric FH67 One Action Lock Flexible Printed Circuit Connectors can be used in harsh environments, and applications include automotive, gaming, industrial, medical, and robotics. The 0.5mm-pitch, 30-position connector offers a rugged design with two-point independent contact springs and a single-action lock with a clear tactile click.

One Action FH opens the actuator, inserts the FPC/FFC, and closes the actuator. Unlike conventional connection methods, only FPC/FFC insertion is needed to complete the connection. The work time and the number of operation steps are reduced to 1/3rd for a significant reduction in hours.

FH67 Series Summary of Features

  • Automatic one-action lock design contributes to reduced assembly time, preventing mating failure and damage
  • Two-point contact prevents contact failure by dust
  • Supports FFC/FPC/Shield FFC
  • High FPC retention force
  • Visual FFC/FPC Insertion Status Confirmation
  • Environmental Compatibility


  • Mobile Devices
  • Smart Homes
  • Automotive Equipment