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Hirose Electric — TF07V Series FPC/FFC Connector


Hirose Electric

Hirose Electric TF07V Series FPC/FFC Connector

0.5mm pitch, 2.1 mm height, top & bottom contact

Hirose’s latest innovation in connector technology is their TF07V Series, offering a robust actuator design. With a 0.5 mm pitch and a height of just 2.1 mm, the TF07V connector is perfectly suited for the confined spaces of industrial robotics.

The dual-contact functionality of this connector simplifies flex routing in medical applications, while its superior retention force makes it a reliable choice for the intricate assemblies of consumer electronics.

The TF07V series by Hirose Electric combines a perfect blend of size, performance, and reliability, designed for the precise demands of modern technology.


  • Space-saving
    • 0.5 mm pitch, 6.5 mm depth, 2.1 mm height
  • Available for various module designs with top & bottom contact design
  • Superior retention force by back flip design


  • Actuator design prevents separation from the connector body
  • High workability
    • Delivered with the actuator open for easy two-step mating
  • Suitable for FPC/FFC standard thickness 0.3±0.03 mm