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CIPOS™ Maxi IM828

Increase reliability while optimizing PCB size and system costs

The Infineon CIPOS™ Maxi IM828 is a 1200 V, 20 A three-phase CoolSiC™ MOSFET based intelligent power module with open emitter in DIP 36x23D package.

It provides a fully-featured compact inverter solution with excellent thermal conduction for industrial applications including industrial drives, HVAC, active filters, motor controls and more, while offering the chance for integrating various power and control components to increase reliability, optimize PCB size and system costs.

Designed to operate as a high performance inverter for demanding motor drive applications, the CIPOS™ Maxi IM828 includes active power factor correction and the IPM’s product concept is specially adapted to power applications, which require good thermal performance and electrical isolation as well as EMI save control and overload protection.

The three phase inverter with 1200V CoolSiC™ MOSFETs are combined with an optimized 6-channel SOI gate driver for excellent electrical performance. The body diodes of IM828 CoolSiC™ MOSFETs can be used as free-wheeling diode, and turning on the MOSFET during body diode conduction (synchronous rectification) can be used to reduce losses further.

Summary of Features
  • Based on 1200V CoolSiC™ MOSFETs
  • Motor power rating up to 4.8 kW at 10 kHz
  • Rugged 1200V SOI gate driver technology with stability against transient
  • Over current shutdown
  • Under-voltage lockout at all channels
  • All of 6 switches turn off during protection
  • Cross-conduction prevention
  • Built-in NTC thermistor for temperature monitor
  • Programmable fault clear timing and enable input
  • UL-certified
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)
  • Industrial motor drives and controls
  • Motor control and drives