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Littelfuse eFuse Protection ICs

Four versatile devices for a wide range of applications

Littelfuse announced the new eFuse Protection ICs product line, a series of four versatile circuit protection devices ideal for use in a wide range of consumer electronics and data communications interfaces.

eFuse effectively provides power path protection functions such as current limiting, over voltage protection, inrush current protection and over temperature protection with real-time diagnostics. The semiconductor-based Protection IC (eFuse) provides highly integrated functionality in compact-size packages in addition to existing passive overcurrent protection such as fuses and PTCs etc.

  • Over current protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Under voltage lockout (UVLO)
  • Over temperature protection
  • Soft start
  • Reverse current blocking
  • Type-C adapter
  • Networking/datacom
  • Notebook/PC desktop
  • TV/monitor
  • Set top box
  • Smart phone
  • Industry
  • Enterprise server
  • Programmable logic control (PLC)
  • Battery system
  • Telecom
  • Appliances
  • Tablets

Accuracy and Integration

Provides highly accurate current limiting, faster response time, and more integrated protection, sensing and control features than traditional fuses and PTCs.

Programmable and Customized Designed to Your Request

Incorporates more flexibility such as adjustable overvoltage threshold, current limiting, and inrush current, along with true reverse current blocking compared to conventional power switches.

Speed Up Time to Market

Reduces the design-in phase, PC board space requirements, BOM cost, and time-to-market when versus typical discrete solutions (e.g., hot-swap controller + MOSFET).

Maximize Equipment Uptime

Improved product reliability, increased battery life, lower repair costs, and lengthened overall product lifetime.