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Yageo’s RT series of thin-film resistors provides for accurate signal transmission because of high precision, high stability and low current noise.

In the RT series thin-film resistors, advanced sputtering technology is used to form a fine nichrome resistive layer on the ceramic substrate. This produces attractive performance characteristics for applications that require high signal integrity, including a low Temperature Coefficient of Resistance (TCR) of ±5ppm/℃, and tight tolerance of ±0.01%. A low TCR minimizes drift in resistance value as the operating temperature in the application rises. Tight tolerance provides excellent overall stability and high reliability.

The RT series is also notable for its low current noise, a result of the special composition of the resistive layer. Metal granules are stacked together to form a fine metal film from the micro-structure of the resistive layer of a thin-film resistor. The electrons pass through one or more metal granules to another in a straight current flow, which inhibits noise generation. The low-noise feature of thin-film chip resistors is ideal for applications that require low distortion to achieve accurate signal transmission. In addition, the noise level of the resistor is consistent over a wide frequency range.


Figure 1: Structure of an RT series resistor, and the micro-structure of its resistive layer


Figure 2: Consistent noise over the operating-frequency range of its resistive layer


  • 0406, 0603, 0805 and 1206 case sizes
  • Resistance values from 20Ω to 100,000Ω
  • High precision and stability
  • Telecoms equipment
  • Power converters
  • Infotainment systems
  • Server boards
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