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More Information on Oscillators...

What are Oscillators?

Over 1500 Oscillators from Epson, ECS, Fox, CTS or Abracon …With over 1500 Oscillators to choose from, Future Electronics offers one of the most comprehensive ranges of Oscillators in distribution. Use our parametric filters to refine your signal relay search results by supply voltage operating frequency, frequency stability, dimension, and operating temperature.

You will find a comprehensive selection of Oscillators in stock from 5x7mm clock oscillators, to 3.2x2.5mm oscillators or even our tight stability 0.2ppm OCXO’s (Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator). Future Electronics has a broad offering of all the popular packages in the standard developed frequencies.

More Oscillator choices:

Whether your customer is looking for Ceramic oscillators, Metal Dip package oscillators or a programmable solution Future Electronics has a solution to offer. Check out our online offering of Fox XpressO products which are low jitter tight stability oscillator available in stock or at a 2 week lead time.

Alternatively if you have a brand preference such as FOX, CTS or Abracon you can quickly refine the oscillator product offer by clicking your preferred timing device brand below.

Oscillators in R&D quantities or Production ready packaging

Many of our Oscillators come in Reels, but if the quantity you require is significantly less than the full reel quantity we will re-reel many of our Oscillators products onto special mini reels so they are still production ready but without the unnecessary surplus.

Future Electronics also offered a unique bonded inventory program which has been designed to eliminate the challenges associated with the unpredictable supply of products containing raw metals and or products with long and often erratic lead-times. Call your nearest branch to find out how you can eliminate shortages today.