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TPM Evaluation Kit Includes Raspberry Pi 3 Board To Enable Application-Aware Trial Of Trusted Computing Functions

Infineon has introduced a platform which provides a complete hardware and software environment for evaluating the features and performance of its OPTIGA™ TPM SLB/SLM/SLI 9670 Trusted Platform Module (TPM) security System-on-Chip (SoC).

Supplied with an easy-to-use Quick Start Guide, the OPTIGA TPM Evaluation Kit also provides a link to step-by-step instructions for implementing open-source TPM software, and for using the OPTIGA TPM SoC as a hardware security module on the AWS Greengrass or Microsoft Azure cloud IoT platforms.

The kit’s hardware components include an SLM 9670 board connected to a Raspberry Pi® 3 board to provide a rich computing resource for implementing system control and peripheral functions. The Quick Start Guide allows users to enable the OPTIGA TPM SoC in the Raspbian OS.

Comprehensive Security Provision For IoT and Smart Connected Devices

The OPTIGA TPM SLM 9670 is a security controller which protects the integrity and authenticity of devices in industrial systems. Built on proven technologies and supporting the latest TPM 2.0 standard, the SLM 9670’s features include secured storage for keys, certificates and passwords as well as dedicated key management.

This TPM provides more than 90 of the commands defined in the Trusted Computing Group’s specification, including:

  • Key generation
  • Lifecycle key management - key duplication, back-up and refurbishment
  • Authentication
  • Signature and verification functions
  • Encryption/decryption
  • Secured logging
  • Secured time
  • Attestation
  • Secure auditing
  • Enhanced authentication policies and authenticated encrypted sessions
  • Secure firmware update

Its rich set of ready-to-use security functions qualify the SLM 9670 to be used in complex industrial systems, and to support industrial security use cases such as secure key storage and management, remote attestation, device identity, protection of software and configuration data, protection of privacy, secrets and intellectual property, and secure remote access.

The OPTIGA TPM SLM 9670 is security-certified according to Common Criteria EAL4+. It is also qualified according to the industrial JEDEC JESD-47 standard.

The TPM can be used in various host platforms and operating systems. It supports operation over an extended temperature range of -40°C to 105°C.

The OPTIGA TPM Evaluation Kit may be ordered with the part number OPTIGATPMEVALSLM967TOBO1.


  • Iridium board with SLM 9670 TPM2.0
    • 3V or 1.8V power supply
    • Plug-and-play with 26-pin Raspberry Pi 1 header
    • Reset manually via push-button or via RST signal from Raspberry Pi
  • Raspberry Pi 3 board
  • 8GB SD card (empty)
  • USB cable


  • Industrial equipment
  • Chip security-based cards
  • Security applications