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Wireless Connectivity Solutions

Panasonic wireless connectivity solutions include a wide range of technologies and provide the flexibility to easily choose and implement a wireless protocol that is best suited to an application from a single, world-class supplier.

Manufactured with design simplicity in mind, Panasonic’s RF modules provide quick implementation of wireless communication without the need to invest in complex wireless hardware and software design.

Panasonic wireless connectivity products combine the latest communication protocols with place-and-play modules for Bluetooth® Low Energy, Bluetooth Dual Mode, Wi-Fi®, Wi-Fi Combo, 802.15.4 protocols and more.

Ready-to-Use Modules with Built-In, Bluetooth Technology

Designed for operation in harsh RF environments, Panasonic’s Bluetooth® modules can be designed into all types of electronic devices. Features include, high data rates, long range, reduced power consumption (under 4mA), common hardware and software interfaces for interchangeability.


Panasonic - Ready-to-use modules with built-in, Bluetooth technology

Long Range, High Data Rates, Secure Connections with Panasonic Wi-Fi

Adding Wi-Fi® connectivity to a design has never been easier. Panasonic Wi-Fi modules provide fast implementation of 802.11 bgn and combo Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth dual mode in your designs. Panasonic Wi-Fi modules are cost-effective and flexible System-on-Chip (SoC) designs, with an optional integrated webserver, certificate-based security and simultaneous access point and infrastructure modes. Panasonic Wi-Fi modules offer the perfect blend of long life, reliability and performance.


Panasonic - Long range, high data rates, secure connections with Panasonic Wi-Fi