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Mallory IEC60601-1-8 Medical Alarms

Extended choice of medical-qualified sounders including new 100dB loudspeaker

Mallory Sound Products has introduced new and louder IEC60601-1-8 medical alarms, extending its line of IEC60601-1-8 qualified medical sounders and compact transducers, which offer power savings in battery-powered and portable medical equipment.

Mallory’s medical alarms are recognized by UL and CUL for compliance with all the requirements of the IEC60601-1-8 standard. These medical alarms may easily be integrated into medical electronics system designs.

For medical applications requiring a high sound level such as in operating theaters, Mallory’s 45mm-diameter SBS series speaker models are ideal: they produce 100dB at a distance of 0.1m from the speaker, and operate from a voltage between 9V and 12V. They are available with or without circuitry.

Mallory’s 45mm-diameter SBT series power-saving transducer models are suitable for battery-powered applications. They are also available with or without circuitry.

Mallory has added over 150 new part numbers to the miniature 23mm MSS series. The MSS series includes sounders which can produce three tones.


  • MSS5G: three priority sounds, low, medium and high
  • MSS5GLHCT: three different sounds, low and high with a continuous tone option
  • MSS5GLMCT: three different sounds, low and medium with a continuous tone option
  • MSS5GMHCT: three different sounds, medium and high with a continuous tone option
  • MSS5GL: one tone type, low priority
  • MSS5GM: one tone type, medium priority
  • MSS5GH: one tone type, high priority


  • Medical equipment