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Robust LED Drivers for Outdoor Lighting Offer Constant Power Option

MEAN WELL has introduced the XLG series of LED drivers, which offers robust performance in outdoor as well as indoor lighting applications.

The XLG series AC-DC LED drivers are supplied in an IP67-rated metal housing for use over a broad case-temperature range between -40°C and 90°C.

This enables lighting equipment manufacturers to implement fanless designs, using convection to free air to cool the power system.

The XLG series LED drivers are available in constant voltage and constant power versions, and with power ratings ranging from 25W to 240W.

The XLG constant power LED drivers can directly drive LED arrays, and the XLG constant voltage models are suitable for LED luminaires which have a built-in DC-DC converter. The 12V and 24V models that have a power rating of 75W, 100W or 150W are also UL 879 recognized for use in LED signage equipment.

Reliable Operation in Cold Start-Up Conditions

In the XLG series, MEAN WELL has introduced new constant power drivers, which provide reliable operation in cold start-up conditions. The constant power models allow the driver to operate at its maximum power rating over a wide current range: this means that the output current can be increased to maintain a constant power output when the LEDs’ forward voltage drops.

This constant power capability can be illustrated by comparing the 150W XLG-150-H-AB with the HLG-150H-54AB, another 150W driver from MEAN WELL. The HLG-150H-54AB’s output power is limited to 134.4W when the LED array’s forward voltage is 48V DC.

Using the XLG-150-H-AB to drive the same 48V LED array, the driver’s constant current output can be adjusted to yield an output power of 150W. Luminaire manufacturers can take advantage of this constant power function to design for installations that have a varying LED voltage, such as outdoor lighting applications which are exposed to cold start-up conditions.

The XLG-150-H-AB’s maximum 60V DC open-circuit voltage allows the driver to operate in constant-current mode when the LED voltage is 52V DC at room temperature, but rises to 54V or even higher in cold temperatures. In these conditions, the HLG-150H-54AB operating in constant-voltage mode would supply a lower power output.

XLG Series Features

  • Input-voltage range: 90V-305V AC
  • Output voltage: 12V or 24V DC
  • Maximum output-power options: 50W, 75W, 100W, 150W, 200W, 240W
  • Surge-voltage protection options: 4kV/6kV AC or 10kV/6kV AC
  • Safety certifications:
    • UL 8750
    • IEC 61347/GB 7000.1
  • Five years’ warranty
  • >50,000 hours lifetime rating
  • Dimming options:
    • 0-10V
    • PWM
    • Resistor setting

XLG Series Applications

  • Architectural lighting
  • Streetlights
  • Floodlights
  • Stage lighting
  • Horticultural lighting
  • High-bay lamps
  • DMX power supplies
  • Outdoor lighting

MEAN WELL — XLG Series LED Drivers