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Nichia NVSW219F Light Emitting Diode (LED)

High-quality white LEDs offer broad range of color-temperature options

Nichia supplies a broad portfolio of high-quality white LEDs which offer a high luminous flux in general lighting applications. Multiple LED options provide designers with the flexibility to optimize performance or cost of light, or to achieve a balance of the two factors.

The latest products in Nichia’s 19 series are the NVSW219F and NVSW219F-V1, domed white 3535 LEDs offered in 67 CRI, 70 CRI, 80 CRI, and 90 CRI versions. The 5000K/70 CRI LED produces typical luminous flux of 346lm and 167lm/W at a drive current of 700mA. The NVSW219F and NVSW219F-V1 are suitable for exterior applications including streetlights, as well as high-bay lighting and floodlights.

Nichia’s NVSW319B is a higher-power option in the portfolio of 3535 point sources. Offering typical performance in the 5000K/70 CRI version of 512lm and 164lm/W at 1,050mA, the 319B provides users with a choice of producing higher flux while maintaining efficacy, or achieving higher efficacy while maintaining flux. It is ideal for streetlights, high-bay lighting, and floodlights. Its bright light output also makes it suitable for use in flashlights.

The NVSW519A in the same 3535 package is an even higher-power option, handling drive currents up to 2.2A. Rated with a sorting current of 1.4A, the 519A produces 680lm/160lm/W at 5,000K/70 CRI. It is available in all standard color temperatures at 70 CRI, and in most at 80 CRI. It is suitable for exterior applications including streetlights, and for high-bay lighting and floodlights.

NVSW219F Features

  • 2.96V forward voltage at 700mA
  • 120° full-width half-maximum directivity
  • 1,800mA maximum continuous drive current
  • 150°C maximum junction temperature


  • Streetlights
  • High-bay lighting
  • Floodlights
  • Spotlights


Nichia NVSW219F