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LITEON EV Technology Innovations

Why we picked this:

With a flourishing EV market, LITEON has established and exceled as an industry-leading manufacturer in the Optoelectronics field, providing a long history of quality and an outstanding portfolio of products.

Optocouplers, also known as isolated gate drivers, are used in electric vehicle (EV) applications to isolate the high voltage power electronics from the low voltage control electronics. This helps to protect the control electronics from voltage transients and other electrical disturbances that can occur in the power circuit.


Optocouplers can be found onboard EVs in:

  • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
  • Motor control systems
  • On-board charger (OBC) systems
  • DC-DC converters
  • And more...

Ensure your EV charging design safety with this LITEON Optocoupler selection.

Available Solutions by LITEON
  • Photocouplers:
    • High-performance, cost-effective and lead-free photocouplers in multiple sizes for every design need.
  • Automotive transistor coupler:
    • 3 phase motor controllers with a wide operation range that enables DC supply to drive a 3 phase AC motor.
  • Visible and invisible LEDs
    • Over 47 years manufacturing LED packages (visible as in lighting displays, or invisible as in photocouplers or sensors), providing the industry’s largest portfolio of products.
  • OBC (On Board Circuits), BMS (Battery Management Systems) and DC/AC and DC/DC converters.
  • Exterior and interior automotive LEDs for EV lighting
  • AC chargers for OEM/ODM for electric cars.
    • Public & Workplace chargers
    • Public & Workplace three-phase
    • Home/Residential Chargers
    • Home/Residential three-phase 

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