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Lumex IC Embedded RGB Surface Mount LED

Odd size, shape, or different material PCB design? No problem. Welcome to surface mount LED lighting at its finest. The SMD-LX5050RGB-TR by Lumex features a low profile, low drive current and an IC-embedded driver to meet color requirements and reduce the time of software development. Both adaptable and rigid, this LED can easily adapt to odd sizes, shapes or material PCB design, including hollow ring, rigid stripe and flexible stripe. The single GPIO pin can manage up to 1024 SMD-LX5050RGB-TR LEDs, and each RGB chip uses 256 grades of PWM for brightness control to mix different colors. Integrate it with Lumex’s Digital LED Controller to offload MCUs or controllers, and there you have it.

Lumex RGB Surface Mount LED: Freedom to Integrate

Another benefit of the Lumex SMD-LX5050RGB-TR is the freedom to integrate. The sample code provided by Lumex makes the manipulating of the embedded driver IC easier than never before. This will reduce the time and effort on controlling the LED. The SMD-LX5050RGB-TR can also integrate with Lumex's Digital LEDs Controller to offload MCUs or controllers; which will save more on the overall cost to fulfill the desire of colors.

  • Features 5.0(L)*5.0(W)*1.5(H)mm
  • Surface mount LED
  • RGB Full Color
  • 3-channel LED Driver with 8-bit PWM Linear Control
  • Water Clear Lens
  • Low current: 5mA for each color