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Nexperia Constant Current LED Drivers

Cost efficient, reliable, and easy to use

Low and medium power LEDs are widely used across all market segments in many applications for their ease of use, reliability and cost efficiency. This is where Nexperia constant current LED drivers come into play.

For low and medium power LEDs, Nexperia constant current LED drivers are a very simple and robust driver solution using constant-current LED drivers which operate as a simple linear regulator. Their excellent EMC performance, reliability, simple implementation, and significantly lower system costs make them a preferred solution for driving LEDs up to about 250 mA. They are used in constant current source and automotive applications such as interior and exterior lighting (e.g. door handles, dashboard, number plate light, indicators or rear lights).

Although high power LEDs need complex driver schemes, the vast majority of applications use LEDs with currents below 500 mA and can be driven by linear constant-current LED drivers. These are easy-to-use, reliable, cost efficient, and do not affect EMC. Find out which AEC-Q101 qualified NCR device meets the design and power considerations necessary to use constant-current LED drivers in practical applications.

NCR Constant Current LED Driver Features
  • High current accuracy
  • Parallel drivers can be used to increase the current capability
  • High power capability (up to 1250 mW) for increased robustness
  • Supply voltage up to 75 V AEC-Q101 qualified Tj = 150 °C
  • Space-saving and future-proof
  • Easy to implement
  • Multi-sourcing capable
LED Driver Applications
  • Constant current source
  • Automotive interior and exterior lighting
  • Door handles
  • Dashboard
  • Number plate light
  • Indicators
  • Rear lights, etc.