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As a global leader and innovator in the distribution and marketing of electronic components, Future Electronics boasts state-of-the-art distribution and supply chain facilities, using the latest most efficient technology and automation to ensure that the most rigorous and stringent quality measures are met. Our investment and commitment to quality is what drives our unparalleled reputation for delivering any product, anywhere, on time and every time, with the highest degree of accuracy.

Future Electronics operates three distribution centers the Memphis Area Distribution Center (MADC), the Leipzig Distribution Center and the Asia Pacific Distribution Center.

Future’s flagship North American Distribution Center is located in the Memphis Area. Its direct proximity to carrier hubs and to one of the world’s largest cargo airports allows same day shipments to be processed quickly and efficiently and enables us to offer the latest cut-off times in the industry. In addition, we have arranged two daily pick ups with major carriers.

Future EMEA Distribution Centre (EMEA DC) is strategically located in Leipzig, Germany - a focal logistics point in Central Europe. Its proximity to the carrier hubs enables same day shipments to be processed quickly and efficiently and allows us to extend order cut-off times.

Strategically positioned in Singapore, Asia’s established logistics hub, Future Asia Pacific Distribution Center (APDC) is located right at Changi Airport, enabling same day shipments to be processed quickly and efficiently and extending order cut-off times. In addition, a newly designed automated material handling process, along with an upgraded warehouse management system, significantly reduces order processing times even further. Qualified priority customer orders can be fulfilled from receipt to shipment in a mere 15 minutes!

Receiving and Storage

Our streamlined receiving process allows unprecedented speed and control. Product is stored in our “dark warehouse”: a secure, fenced-in, fully automated environment, with automated temperature and humidity controls meeting the latest industry requirements. Components are stored in specifically designed protective totes, one part number per tote. This storage concept dramatically reduces the possibility of mistakes.


We pride ourselves on always meeting the customer’s requirements, no matter how unusual. We offer our customers:

  • Several templates for packing slips, with multiple language selection
  • Customized labels
  • Customized bar coded information
  • Advanced Shipment Notifications
  • Flexible order quantities

You benefit from several consolidation methods we put in place to help reduce transportation costs. Consolidating shipments also has a positive impact on our environment, reducing consumption of packaging materials as well as fuel.

Our Systems

  • Our highly sophisticated Warehouse Management System (WMS) controls the movement of the product and tracks it every step of the way. Every transaction is recorded and stored in our archives, from receipt to shipment. After all, we have the world’s largest available-to-sell inventory and it takes a powerful system to manage that!
  • Our state-of-the-art Transportation Management System (TMS) calculates precise transit time to each customer location, assuring that orders ship on the right day in order to meet your delivery requirements.
  • Our advanced Export Management System validates each Export order to ensure compliance with all relevant regulations.


  • Strict process controls assures no uncontrolled inventory movements allows for exceptional inventory accuracy and traceability.
  • Rigorous training and quality monitoring from receiving to shipping ensure proper product handling and order processing. All orders are inspected 100% prior to shipment.
  • The Warehouse Management System (WMS) performs weight checks at various points in the facility, ensuring even greater precision and accuracy.
  • Component protection while in transit is of paramount importance. Our packaging materials and procedures are the most stringent in the industry, meeting or exceeding requirements.
  • Time and time again, Customers have stated that our Distribution Centers are Best in Class for the industry!