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Infineon Technologies CoolSiC™ 1700V SiC MOSFETs

The next level of simplicity and safety in high voltage auxiliary power supplies

Infineon’s first SiC MOSFET portfolio in 1700 V class in SMD packaging is targeting the auxiliary power supply circuit, which generates power for control logic, displays and cooling fans in three-phase power systems.

The Infineon CoolSiC™ is the industry’s preferred practice for such low-power applications – the single-ended fly-back topology – which can now be used even up to 1000 VDC input voltage. The Infineon 1700V blocking voltage eliminates design concerns on voltage stress margin and reliability of power supply. With CoolSiC MOSFET technology, low on-resistance and device capacitances compared to 1500V Si MOSFETs result in more than 50% loss reduction and enables compact SMD integration using natural convection cooling without a heatsink.

The new 1700V CoolSiC™ trench MOSFETs by Infineon are optimized for fly-back topologies with +12 V / 0 V gate-source voltage compatible with common PWM controllers, and thus there is no need for a gate driver IC. The new D2PAK-7L package fulfills 1700 V safety requirements with >7 mm creepage and clearance distances, which minimizes isolation effort in the PCB design.

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MBF170R MOSFET Benefits
  • 1700 V SiC MOSFET enables simple single-ended fly-back topology at high efficiency level
  • SMD integration into PCB, with natural convection cooling without extra heatsink
  • Reduced isolation effort by extended creepage and clearance dis-tances of package
  • Reduced system complexity
  • High power density
MBF170R MOSFET Features
  • Optimized for fly-back topologies
  • Extremely low switching loss
  • 12 V / 0 V gate-source voltage compatible with common PWM controllers
  • Fully controllable dV/dt for EMI optimization
  • SMD package with enhanced creepage and clearance distances, > 7 mm
MBF170R Series Target Applications
  • Solutions for solar energy systems
  • Industrial drives
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Fast EV charging
  • Power supplies (SMPS)
MBF170R Series Competitive advantage
  • Infineon CoolSiC™ Trench technology with superior gate oxide reliability
  • Optimized for fly-back topologies with +12 V / 0 V gate-source volt-age compatible with common PWM controllers
  • Lowest device capacitances and gate charges seen in 1700 V switches
  • Benchmark gate threshold voltage, VGS(th) >4 V
  • New D2PAK-7L package with extended creepage and clearance distances for 1700 V safety requirements


Infineon Technologies CoolSiC™ 1700V SiC MOSFETs Application Diagram