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Lattice Semiconductor


Lattice Semiconductor MachXO5-NX Advanced Secure Control FPGA

Higher Density, More Memory for Complex Control Applications, Fast and Proven I/O Capabilities, Intellectual Property Protection

The Lattice Semiconductor MachXO5™-NX family is built on their Nexus FPGA platform, using low-power 28 nm FD-SOI technology. It combines the extreme flexibility of an FPGA with the low power and high reliability (due to the extreme low Soft Error Rate) of FD-SOI technology, and offers small footprint package options.

The MachXO5-NX family supports a variety of interfaces including MIPI D-PHY (CSI-2, DSI), LVDS, SLVS, subLVDS, SGMII (Gigabit Ethernet), and more. The FPGA includes embedded flash memory for on-chip multi-boot and UFM.

Processing features of the first MachXO5-NX device include 25k logic cells, 20 18 × 18 multipliers, 1.9 Mb of embedded memory (consisting of EBR and LRAM blocks), distributed memory, DRAM interfaces (supporting DDR3, DDR3L, LPDDR2, and LPDDR3 up to 1066 Mbps × 16 data width).

The MachXO5-NX FPGA supports the fast configuration of its reconfigurable SRAM-based logic fabric, and ultra-fast configuration of its programmable sysI/O™ from on-chip Flash.

To secure user designs, the MachXO5-NX security features include bitstream encryption, authentication, and password protection. In addition to the high reliability inherent to FD-SOI technology (due to its extreme low SER), active reliability features such as built-in frame-based SED/SEC (for SRAM-based logic fabric), and ECC (for EBR and LRAM) are also supported. Built-in ADC is available in each device for system monitoring functions.

Lattice Radiant™ design software allows large complex user designs to be efficiently implemented on the MachXO5-NX FPGA family. Synthesis library support for MachXO5-NX devices is available for popular logic synthesis tools. Radiant tools use the synthesis tool output along with constraints from its floor planning tools, to place and route the user design in MachXO5-NX device. The tools extract timing from the routing, and back-annotate it into the design for timing verification.

Lattice Semiconductor provides many pre-engineered Intellectual Property (IP) modules for the MachXO5-NX family. By using these configurable soft IP cores as standardized blocks, you are free to concentrate on the unique aspects of your design, increasing your productivity.


Key Features

  • 25k LC logic density and up to 300 I/O pins
  • 9.2 Mbits of user flash memory and on-chip multi-boot configuration
  • Secure FPGA design using ECDSA bitstream authentication and AES256 encryption
  • Supported by Lattice Radiant® and Lattice Propel™
  • Low power, high reliability, and support for ADC and DSP on the Lattice Nexus™ Platform

Target Customers

  • Using the largest density XO2, XO3LF and XO3D today
  • Using Max10, Spartan 7, and Cyclone 10LP in the similar density
  • Needing security features (IP security, run-time security)

Block Diagram

Lattice Semiconductor — MachXO5-NX Block Diagram



  • Up to 25k logic cells, 1.9 Mbits of memory and 9.2 Mbits of dedicated user flash memory
  • Up to 300 programmable I/O supporting 1.0/1.2/1.5/1.8/2.5/3.3 I/O voltages
  • Protects intellectual property with bitstream encryption and authentication
  • Low power, low SER, supporting SGMII and ADC interfaces


Example Applications

Lattice Semiconductor — MachXO5-NX Application HW Management Block Diagram

Hardware Management

  • Easily integrate hardware management functions into MachXO5-NX and L-ASC10
  • High I/O and multiple voltage level support simplify I/O bridging and expansion


Lattice Semiconductor — MachXO5-NX Application LVDS Block Diagram

LVDS Tunneling Protocol & Interface (LTPI) in Datacenter-ready Secure Control Module

  • Supports LVDS Tunneling Protocol & Interface (LTPI) to aggregate low-speed serial interfaces
  • Enables server architecture that uses secure control modules
  • LTPI is also supported by MachXO3, MachXO3D and Mach-NX


MachXO5™- NX Development Board

Prototyping Board with Configurable I/O, SGMII, and ADC Interface

The MachXO5-NX Development Board features the MachXO5-NX-25 in a 400-ball caBGA package. This device offers a variety of features and programmability that enhances Secure Control PLD functionality with multiple boot capabilities. Its cryptographic engine supports user-mode security features. Alongside the cryptographic engine, numerous system functions are included such as two PLLs and 432 kbits of embedded RAM plus hardened implementations of I2C and SPI. Flexible, high performance I/O support numerous single-ended and differential standards including LVDS and MIPI.

Lattice Semiconductor — MachXO5™- NX Development Board
MachXO5-NX Development Board Quick Start Guide

Kit Contents:

  • MachXO5-NX Development Board
  • 12 V AC/DC Adapter and International Plug Adapters
  • USB Cable for Programming via PC (USB-A to Mini-B)
  • Quick Start Guide with Lattice Radiant software download information