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Melexis MLX92214 3-Wire General-Purpose Latch

The Melexis MLX92214 is a 3-wire general purpose Hall-effect latch that brings a robust, yet cost-effective solution to many different motor control applications such as power tools, PC, servers and home appliances.

The MLX92214 brings a high magnetic sensitivity to its end products, which eases magnet selection and relieves constraints on the size of the air gap.

Other key capabilities of the MLX92214 include:

Integrated Chopper-Stabilized Amplifier
Leveraging mixed-signal CMOS technology, the Melexis MLX92214 features an integrated chopper-stabilized amplifier that eliminates output offset.

Power Consumption
The latch’s power consumption is low, with a typical operating current of 2.1 mA, and the wide supply-voltage range from 5.5 V down to 2.5 V helps extend the runtime of battery-powered devices.

Performance and Reliability
While easing key aspects of the application design, the MLX92214 delivers the robustness of a high-quality device. The ESD-withstand capability of 6 kV (HBM) enhances reliability in applications such as hand tools. In addition, the small CMOS chip size reduces susceptibility to mechanical stress.

Switching Capability
Capable of switching at up to 10 kHz, the MLX92214 allows high sampling frequencies for precision measurement at fast rotational speeds. The values of operating (BOP) and release (BRP) switching points are symmetrical, which ensures predictable latching characteristics, and stability over the full operating temperature range. Two temperature grades are available, specified from -40 °C to 125 °C and -40 °C to 150 °C.

The MLX92214 is available in a 3-pin Thin Small Outline Transistor (TSOT) surface-mount package suitable for standalone PCB applications.

Typical Application Circuit of MLX92214


Melexis — MLX92214 Typical Application Circuit


The MLX92214 is the best fit for Hall replacement, saving space by simplifying the overall design and reducing the number of external components on the PCB.

This Melexis general-purpose latch also comes pre-programmed, which, in addition to its design for a standalone PCB, will minimize the effort of the integration in the module.

MLX92214 Functional Block Diagram


Melexis — MLX92214 Functional Block Diagram

MLX92214 Features and Benefits

  • Low voltage supply : from 2.5V to 5.5V
  • Chopper-stabilized amplifier stage
  • Low power Latch: 2.1mA
  • Optimized ESD performance: 6kV
  • Designed for standalone PCB applications
  • Thin SOT23 3L Green Compliant package

MLX92214 Applications

  • Consumer and Industrial
  • BLDC motor commutation
  • Solid-state Latch
  • Low power applications
  • Index counting


Melexis — MLX92214 3-Wire General-Purpose Latch


Melexis — MLX92214 used in DC/BLDC Motor Communication Control


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