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Monolithic Power Systems


Monolithic Power Systems MP2760 1-4 Cell 6A Buck-Boost Charger

I2C-Controlled, 6A Buck-Boost Charger with NVDC Power Path Management and USB OTG for 1-Cell to 4-Cell Series Battery Applications

The MP2760 is a USB PD compliant, buck-boost charger with narrow voltage DC (NVDC) power path management and USB On-the-Go (OTG), and is designed for applications with 1-cell to 4-cell series battery packs. The IC can accept a wide range of input voltages (VIN), with a maximum of 22V.

The device can supply up to 21V at the IN pin when source mode is enabled. When an input power supply is present, the MP2760 charges the battery with one of four phases: constant current (CC) trickle charge, CC pre-charge, CC fast charge, or constant voltage (CV) charge. Other charging features include charge termination and auto-recharge. The MP2760 offers input current limiting and a minimum VIN limit function to avoid overloading the input power source.

The MP2760 can be configured via the I2C to set the parameters (e.g. input current limit, VIN limit, and charging current) in both charging mode and OTG mode. The device can also provide the operation status through the output and fault registers. Full protection features include input over-voltage protection (OVP), battery OVP, system OVP, thermal shutdown, and a configurable timer to prevent prolonged charging of a dead battery.

The MP2760 is available in a TQFN-30 (4mmx5mm) package.

Advantages include:

  • NVDC power management with integrated switching FETs.
  • 6A buck-boost charging solution that is compliant with USB PD 3.0.
  • Efficiency above 95% at a 5A charge current.
  • Fully integrated power FETs with bidirectional power from 3V to 21V.
  • Compact solution size in a TQFN-30 (4mmx5mm) package.

The MP2651 is available in a TQFN-30 (4mmx5mm) package.

Features & Benefits


  • 4V to 22V Operating Input Voltage (VIN)
  • Up to 26V Sustainable Voltage
  • Up to 28V Sustainable Voltage with External MOSFET
  • Supports USB2.0, USB3.0, USB3.1, USB3.2, USB Type-C, and USB PD 3.0
  • Seamless Transition Between Buck and Boost Operation
  • Configurable Maximum Input Current (IIN) Limit
  • Configurable Minimum VIN Limit
  • Up to 6A Configurable Charge Current
  • Up to 4.68V Configurable Battery-Full Voltage per Cell with 0.5% Accuracy
  • 3V to 21V Configurable Output Voltage (VOUT) with 20mV/Step
  • Up to 6A Output Current (IOUT) with 50mA/Step
  • 500kHz to 1.2MHz Configurable Switching Frequency (fSW)
  • I2C and SMBus to Flexibly Configure Parameters
  • Input Power Source Status Indication
  • Integrated 10-Bit ADC for Voltage Monitoring, Current Monitoring, and Temperature Monitoring
  • Analog Output Pin for Battery Current Monitoring in Charge Mode and Source Mode
  • Input Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
  • System OVP
  • Battery OVP
  • System Short-Circuit Protection (SCP) in Charge Mode
  • Output SCP in USB PD Source Mode
  • Missing Battery Detection
  • NTC Pin Float Detection
  • Integrated N-Channel MOSFET Driver for Input Power Pass-Through, Over-Voltage Protection, and Narrow Voltage DC (NVDC) Power Path Control
  • Configurable Battery Temperature Protection Threshold
  • Thermal Regulation
  • Thermal Shutdown
  • Available in a TQFN-30 (4mmx5mm) Package



  • Ultra-book, Notebooks, Tablet
  • USB PD Device
  • General Multiple Cells Application

Typical Application

Monolithic Power Systems — MP2760 Typical Application


EV2760-VT-00A Evaluation Board

I2C-Controlled, 1-Cell to 4-Cell Buck-Boost NVDC Charger with Reverse Source Mode

The EV2760-VT-00A is an evaluation board designed to demonstrate the capabilities of the MP2760, a buck-boost, narrow-voltage DC (NVDC) charger IC designed for applications with 1-cell to 4-cell in series battery packs.

Monolithic Power Systems — EV2760-VT-00A Evaluation Board
  • The MP2760 can accept a wide 4V to 22V operating input voltage (VIN) range to charge the battery and power the load connected on SYS. The device can also supply a wide 3V to 21V VIN range at the VIN pin in source mode, which is compliant with USB powered device (PD) specifications.
  • While input power is present, the EV2760-VT00A charges the battery with a 6A maximum charge current. In source mode, the MP2760 can supply voltage at the input, and the output current (IOUT) is limited to 6A.

MP2760 & MP2651: Compact Buck-Boost Chargers with Integrated FETs for USB PD 3.0

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