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Monolithic Power Systems


MPS MP4247 Buck-Boost Converter

36V, 100W, Buck-Boost Converter with Integrated Low-Side MOSFETs and I2C Interface

The MPS (Monolithic Power Systems) MP4247 Buck-Boost Converter is an efficient buck-boost converter with integrated low-side power switches, capable of delivering up to 100W of peak output power. It is ideal for USB power delivery applications and can be configured through an I2C interface and one-time programmable memory.

Fault condition protections include current limiting, over-voltage protection, and thermal shutdown. This device requires minimal external components and is available in a compact QFN-20 package.


MPS MP4247 Buck Boost Converter Schematics


Key Features

  • UL and IEC62368-1 Certified, Efile #322138
  • 100W Buck-Boost Converter with Integrated Low-Side MOSFETs (LS-FETs)
  • Integrated Gate Driver for High-Side Power MOSFETs (HS-FETs)
  • 3.6V to 36V Start-Up Input Voltage (VIN) Range • Supports 2.8V Falling VIN when the Output Voltage (VOUT) > 3.5V
  • 1V to 24V VOUT Range with 1% Accuracy
  • Up to 5A Output Current (IOUT)
  • Up to 98% Peak Efficiency
  • 0.1V to 2.147V Configurable Reference Voltage (VREF) Range with 1mV Resolution via the I2C Interface
  • ±5% Accurate Output CC Current Limit
  • Meets USB PD 3.0 with PPS Specifications
  • Selectable 280kHz, 420kHz, or 600kHz Switching Frequency (fSW)
  • Selectable Forced Pulse-Width Modulation (PWM) or Auto-Pulse-Frequency Modulation (PFM)/PWM
  • Output Biased VCC Low-Dropout (LDO) for Higher Efficiency
  • Output Current Monitor (IMON) Function
  • Line Drop Compensation via RSENS
  • I2C, Alert, and One-Time Programmable (OTP) Memory
  • Enable (EN) Shutdown Passive Discharge
  • Output Over-Current Protection (OCP), Over-Voltage Protection (OVP), and Thermal Shutdown
  • Available in a QFN-20 (3mmx5mm) Package


  • Monitor, Car Charger, Wall Adapter
  • USB power delivery
  • Portable electronic devices
  • Industrial applications
  • Automotive applications
  • Medical Devices
  • Battery-powered devices


MPS MP4247