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Renesas HS400x and HS410x Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors

High Performance Sensors feature Digital Output (HS400x) or Analog Output (HS410x)

The HS400x and HS410x series by Renesas are their second generation relative humidity and temperature sensors. They are highly accurate, fully calibrated automotive-grade sensors. The MEMS sensor features a proprietary sensor-level protection, ensuring high reliability and long-term stability. The high accuracy, fast measurement response time, and long-term stability combined with the small package size makes the HS400x and HS410x series ideal for a wide number of applications ranging from portable devices to products designed for harsh environments.

The HS400x and HS410x series digital sensor provide accurate measurements of relative humidity and temperature levels. The measured data is internally corrected and compensated for accurate operation over a wide range of temperature and humidity levels – user calibration is not required.

HS400x vs HS410x

The Renesas HS400x’s integrated calibration and temperature-compensation logic provides fully corrected RH and temperature values via a standard I2C output. No user calibration of the output data is required. The ultra-low power consumption, and micro-Watt make the HS400x the ideal choice for portable and remote applications.

The HS410x series are digital sensors at their core. Measurements are then converted to ratio-metric analog output. This makes the HS410x suitable for high noise environment applications.


  • Humidity range: 0% to 100%RH
  • Automotive grade, AEC-Q100 qualified, Grade 2, -40°C to +105°C
  • Industrial grade, JEDEC qualified, -40°C to +125°C Digital I2C output with CRC checksum
  • 10% to 90% ratio-metric analog output voltage for HS410x
  • RH accuracy: ±1.5%RH, typical
  • 14-bit resolution: 0.04%RH, typical for HS400x
  • Independent programmable resolution settings: 8, 10, 12, 14 bits for HS400x
  • Fast RH response time: 4 seconds time constant, typical
  • Temperature sensor accuracy: ±0.2°C, typical (HS4001, HS4002, -10 to +80°C)
  • Very low current consumption: 0.3µA average (8- bit resolution, 3.3V supply), 0.62µA average (14-bit resolution, 3.3V supply), one RH and temperature measurement per second for HS400x
  • Very low current consumption: 92µA average (3.3V supply) for HS410x
  • Excellent stability against aging and volatile compounds
  • Highly robust protection from harsh environmental conditions and mechanical shock


  • Silicon-carbide capacitive sensing element
  • Excellent stability against aging
  • Highly robust protection from harsh environmental conditions and mechanical shock
  • Very low power consumption
  • Digital I2C Output (HS400x)
  • Analog Output (HS410x)
  • Automotive Qualified, -40ºC to +125ºC


  • Climate control systems
  • Instrumentation
  • Home appliances
  • Weather stations
  • Building automation
  • HVAC systems
  • Medical equipment
  • Data logging systems


HS 4001 Humidity Sensor Accuracy Graphs

Renesas — HS4001 Humidity Sensor Accuracy Graphs

HS410x - Application Circuit

Renesas — HS410x - Application Circuit



Evaluation Kit for HS4001 Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor

The HS4000-EVK Evaluation Kit by Renesas is used to assess the HS4001 High-Performance Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor, with Digital I2C output. The hardware allows users to perform data logging experiments, and it can communicate through a standard USB interface with the user’s computer using the Demo Software. This software can be used to view measurements in real-time, adjust the resolution of the sensor, configure measurement parameters, and download previously logged measurements.

The evaluation board can be powered directly from the USB port of the user’s computer or from a 1632 coin cell battery to enable fully autonomous (untethered) data logging.

Renesas — HS4000-EVK Evaluation Kit
HS4000-EVK Evaluation Kit Manual

Board Contents

  • HS4000-EVK evaluation board
  • Three HS4001 sensor modules
  • Sensor module extension cable
  • USB cable