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Renesas RZ/G2L & RZ/G2LC 64-bit MPUs

Enable Entry-Level HMI with AI Inference Processing Features

RZ/G2L and RZ/G2LC are equipped with all the functions required for entry-level HMI applications used in industrial and building automation.

Equipped with all the necessary HMI features

  • Enhanced CPU performance in entry-level products
    First use of the Cortex-A55 core in the RZ/G Series. Improved processing performance by 20% compared to conventional Cortex-A53 at the same frequency. Select a dual or single core device.
  • Image processing without heavy CPU load
    Dedicated image processing hardware (video codec, graphics engine). Compresses/decompresses videos and handles graphics without imposing a load on the software.
  • Image input/output selectable per task
    Supports MIPI-CSI and parallel interface for camera connections, MIPI-DSI and parallel interface for LCD panel connections. Enables user to select interface based on the task at hand: MIPI (generally used for high-resolution) or parallel interface (for low-res camera or LCD panel use).
  • Compatible with communication buses in industrial equipment
    Industrial HMI is expected to provide both display functions and communication functions, ensuring connectivity with industrial equipment. The RZ/G2L and RZ/G2LC CAN (Controller Area Network), used as the industrial equipment communication bus, is equipped with two channels of CAN-FD (Flexible Data rate) that enable faster communications.
  • Scalable as an IoT device
    Equipped with two channels of Gigabit Ethernet for use as a gateway to handle two networks in addition to HMI functions. The RZ/G Series is the first of its kind to provide two channels of Giga Ethernet.
  • Enhanced security functions
    Protecting customer system with secure boot, trust zone, and secure debugging.

Functional Outline of RZ/G2L & RZ/G2LC Microprocessors

CPU 2x Cortex-A55@1.2GHz
1x Cortex-M33@200MHz
L1$,L3$ parity/ECC
2x Cortex-A55@1.2GHz
1x Cortex-M33@200MHz
L1$, L3$ parity/ECC
DRAM I/F DDR3L/DDR4 x 16-bit (ECC) DDR3L/DDR4 x 16-bit (ECC)
Video codec Full HD resolution: H.254 codec -
Graphics engine Arm Mali-G31 GPU Arm Mali-G31 GPU
Video input 1x MIPI CSI-2 or
1x Digital Parallel input
Video output 1x MIPI DSI or
1x Digital Parallel output
Security Secure boot, TrustZone,
Secure debugging
Secure boot, TrustZone,
Secure debugging
Ethernet 2x GbE 1x GbE
Other peripheral functions USB 2.0, SDHI, CAN-FD, ADC, etc USB 2.0, SDHI, CAN-FD, etc
Package • 456pin 15x15mm LFBGA(0.5mm pitch)
• 551pin 21x21mm LFBGA(0.8mm pitch)
• 361pin 13x13mm LFBGA(0.5mm pitch)


RZ/G2L General-purpose Microprocessors

With Dual-core Arm® Cortex®-A55 (1.2 GHz) CPUs, 3D Graphics and Video CODEC Engine

The RZ/G2L microprocessor includes a Cortex®-A55 (1.2 GHz) CPU, 16-bit DDR3L / DDR4 interface, 3D graphics engine with Arm Mali-G31 and video codec (H.264). It also has many interfaces such as camera input, display output, USB 2.0, and Gbit-Ether, making it ideal for applications such as entry-class industrial human-machine interfaces (HMIs) and embedded devices with video capabilities.


RZ/G2L Block Diagram

Renesas – RZ/G2L Block Diagram


  • Cortex-A55 (Dual or Single)
  • Cortex-M33
  • 3D Graphics engine (Arm Mali-G31)
  • Video Codec (H.264)
  • Camera interface (MIPI-CSI or Parallel-IF)
  • Display interface (MIPI-DSI or Parallel-IF)
  • USB2.0 interface 2ch、SD interface 2ch
  • CAN interface (CAN-FD)
  • Giga bit Ethernet 2ch
  • Memory error detection / correction (ECC)
  • DDR4 or DDR3L Memory interface
  • BGA Package (15x15mm, 21x21mm)


  • Enhanced Edge AI processing performance with Cortex-A55
  • Delivers high reliability and security required for industrial applications
  • All functions required for industrial HMI equipment are integrated into one chip
  • Reduce overall system BOM cost with built-in peripherals
  • Device and development environment ensure scalability


  • Industrial HMI+Video
  • Intercom/Doorbell
  • POS terminal
  • Home appliance
  • Home security camera

RZ/G2L Evaluation Board Kit: RTK9744L23S01000BE

The RZ/G2L Evaluation Board Kit consists of a module board (SOM) and a carrier board. The carrier board can be commonly used with RZ/G2LC, RZ/G2UL, and RZ/V2L modules (SOM) prepared according to the SMARC v2.1 standard. This allows you to experience seamless and flexible evaluation between these devices.

Renesas – RZ/G2L Evaluation Board Kit: RTK9744L23S01000BE
RZ/G2L, RZ/V2L SMARC Module Board
User’s Manual: Hardware

RZ/G2L Evaluation Board Kit includes:

  • RZ/G2L Module Board
  • Common Carrier Board
  • USB Cable