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WAGO 22 mm Bulkhead Connectors

WAGO introduces two new 22 mm bulkhead connectors for industrial applications. The 22 mm bulkhead connectors add convenience in connecting to devices within an electrical enclosure without the need to open the door. This can save time and increase safety in situations where arch flash from open enclosures is a concern.

These cUL certified devices are rated NEMA type 2, 3R, 4, 4X, 12 and 13 or IP65 when the protective cap is closed.

PN 8000-099/000-1764 is a CAT 6A RJ45 Female/Female bulkhead connector rated to up to 10Gbit/s.

PN 8000-099/000-1765 is a USB 3.0 Female/Female bulkhead connector rated up to 5 Gbits/s.

WAGO 22 mm Bulkhead Connector Features

  • Ethernet and USB bulkhead
  • Type 4 and 4X with cap
  • -20 °C ... +70 °C, -4 °F ... +158 °F operating temperature
  • 22.5 mm mounting
  • CAT 6A Ethernet

Benefits of WAGO 22 mm Bulkhead Connectors

  • Directly access devices without opening electrical cabinet doors
  • Use with most any electrical enclosures
  • For use in harsh environments
  • Standard hole size
  • Use for high speed applications

How do WAGO Connectors work?

WAGO 22 mm bulkhead connectors eliminate the need for tools, which makes the splicing process much easier. For designers looking to configure or collect data from a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC), typically, the control cabinet door has to open. This can interfere with delicate electronic components and cause uncertainty or even danger. Install a WAGO bulkhead connector, then connect it to the PLC using an ethernet connector. You can then connect your PLC to a laptop or other devices to use for configuring or commissioning, all while conserving potentially fragile components. This keeps you and your equipment safe from arc flash or other hazards that may arise.