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WECO 110 120 121 Series Screwless Connector Systems

The new WECO screwless connectors hold together the 110 Series: 3.5 mm pitch / 120 Series: 5.0 mm pitch / 121 Series: 5.08 mm pitch

Wherever a secure connection has to withstand strong vibrations or harshest environmental conditions, WECO’s connectors of the 110, 120 and 121 series are exactly the right choice.

Mechanical snap-in hooks ensure a secure connection along with the codable poles, resulting in an equally pluggable product. The screwless versions with push-in spring connection are the perfect addition to WECO’s portfolio of PCB connector systems.

With almost 100 years of experience in the world of connectors, WECO is the supplier for most reliable and superior components, which are characterized by highest quality and longest durability.

WECO is your worldwide partner for both standard products and customer specific solutions in various applications.

Outstanding Properties

  • UL and CSA certified
  • Suitable for highest ambient temperatures with “no-flame” material
  • Glow wire resistance

Special Features

  • Designed for harshest conditions: UV-resistant, corrosion and aging resistant, insulation-optimized, vibration-resistant, safe even under the toughest environmental conditions
  • Poka-Yoke solutions
  • All versions with test holes and additional test taps for series 120 and 121
  • Simple and safe conductor connection through push-in technology

Universal Applications

  • Ideal in areas with modular technology for fast replacement of assemblies
  • Ideally suited for installation in difficult areas or confined spaces
  • Can be used in control technology and areas with particularly demanding operating conditions


With these three new screwless connectors and the matching pin strips, the WECO product family offer a safe and convenient connection option.


WECO — 110-FEP-111 Screwless Connection, Push-In Plug Connector

As the smallest version of the new screwless connectors with 3.5 mm pitch, the 110 series offers optimum connection solutions. An easy-to-use push-in connection ensures smooth assembly on site:

  • Strip cable - plug in - done.
  • Matching male connectors are available with horizontal and vertical plugging direction.



WECO — 120-FEP-311 Screwless Connection, Push-In Plug Connector

In the 5.0 mm pitch version, the 120 series is the big winner. Connection cross-sections of up to 2.5 mm² / 14 AWG offer a wide variety of applications. Matching pin strips are also available with horizontal and vertical mating direction, and additionally with side walls closed at the sides to prevent mis-mating.


WECO — 121-FEP-311 Screwless Connection, Push-In Plug Connector

The screwless connector system also offers excellent properties in 5.08 mm pitch. As with the 5.0 mm variant, the connector snaps securely onto the pin header by means of a snap-in hook. Unintentional loosening in applications in environments with strong vibrations is therefore almost impossible.


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