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Si vs. SiC

Designing SiC Technology-Based High-Performance Converters

Diverse power applications use Si-based power switches such as IGBTs and MOSFETs. Due to the advantages of wide bandgap material properties, using SiC-based devices promise a significant increase in system efficiency and far higher switching frequencies than today’s Si-based devices can offer. A question will arise: when should we choose Si versus SiC?


Key Takeaways

  • Review and compare the pros and cons of Silicon MOSFET, IGBTs, and SiC devices
  • Examine common power topologies and typical waveforms
  • Evaluate power losses in SiC devices and how to minimize losses
  • Show the advantages of the Kelvin source package
  • Introduce the onsemi SiC product portfolio



Angel Luis Rubio

Regional Field Application Engineer — onsemi

Angel Luis Rubio is a Field Application Engineer for Iberia. He is responsible for technical support for Spanish and Portugal customers. For the last decade, he has work as an Applications and R&D Engineer for different power electronics projects. He has deal with several AC/DC and DC/DC converters from scratch to series production. He has a BSc/MEng Degree from the University of Castilla La Mancha in Spain and an MsC in the University Carlos III of Madrid in Spain.



Thursday September 29th, 2022
10:00 AM PST

You will hear from:
Angel Luis Rubio

Angel Luis Rubio
Regional Field Application Engineer — onsemi