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Diodes Incorporated


Diodes Incorporated AP33771 & AP33772 USB PD 3.0 Sink Controllers

Geared for versatility & simplicity

The Diodes Incorporated AP33771 and AP33772 are USB TypeC® Power

Delivery (PD) 3.0 sink controllers that are embedded into equipment that use a USB Type-C socket as the power supply source.

The devices are compliant with USB Type-C specification rev. 2.0 and USB PD specification rev. 3.0 V1.1 (USB PD3.0 PPS silicon compliance certification: TID – 5000).


The AP33771 has a preloaded power menu making it simpler to use, while the AP33772 includes an I2C interface providing greater flexibility for more sophisticated designs.

In order to obtain required power levels, both devices have built-in application firmware that can automatically carry out the PD3.0 negotiation procedure with the attached USB PD3.0-compliant charger. LED lighting (driven by one of their GPIOs) enables a clear indication of the charging state and potential fault situation.

The AP33771’s power menu consists of eight different output voltages and ten different power levels. It supports USB-C-to-USB-C cable compensation and Type-A source charging.


The AP33772, using the I2C interface and GPIO pins, communicates with a host MCU to determine a more flexible power profile and other intelligent power-related management functions.

The controllers are available in the small footprint W-QFN4040-24 (4mm x 4mm) package.

The AP33771 and AP33772 provide a simple and versatile high-power-density solution for USB PD equipment.

  • AP33771: Preloaded Power Menu for Power Device Objects (PDOs); Augmented Power Device Objects (APDOs) have a Power Profile Request
    • Simplifies solution for battery-powered USB-C portable devices through a simple resistor setting for input voltage (three resistors) and input power (one resistor)
  • AP33772: Flexible Solution Using the Device’s Host MCU to Specify the Desired Power Profile via an I2C Interface
    • Enables the I2C register and built-in firmware to automatically convert requested power and voltage to find a match from PD source’s devices
  • Charging State and Fault Indication
    • Drives LED lighting patterns to reflect quick charging status as well as protocol mismatch and fault indication
  • Compact Solution
    • Small package (W-QFN4040-24, 4mm x 4mm) with built-in drive of external VBUS NMOS power switches


  • Battery-powered portable devices
  • Small home appliances with USB-C power/charging ports


  • Power tools with USB-C charging ports
  • USB-C sink devices