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Diodes Incorporated


Diodes Incorporated Automotive PCIe Packet Switches: PI7C9X3G606GPQ/PI7C9X3G808GPQ/PI7C9X3G816GPQ

Third generation switches designed for high performance

The Diodes Incorporated PI7C9X3G606GPQ/PI7C9X3G808GPQ/PI7C9X3G816GPQ Automotive PCIe® 3.0 Packet Switch family is a series of 6-32 lanes PCI Express third generation switches with 6 to 16 PCI Express ports specifically designed to meet high performance, RAS (Reliability, Availability and Serviceability) and the latest power management system requirements of Zonal Central Controller, ADAS and telematics etc.

The Automotive PCIe3 Packet Switch family by Diodes Incorporated provides elastic bifurcation for upstream and downstream ports. The superior signal integrity performance enables support for long PCIe trace length with loss more than 30 dB. The Automotive PCIe 3.0 Packet Switch family are able to connect up to 15 endpoints, such as PCIe- SSD drives, and support multi-host applications and up to 8 DMA physical channels and 3 configurable Cross Domain End-Point (CDEP) ports for high performance fabric and failover applications.


  • Configurable Upstream port number up to 2 and lane number up to 16
  • Configurable Downstream port number up to 15 and lane number up to 30
  • PHY and MAC Layers
    • PHY initial settings optionally programmable through JTAG, EEPROM, and SMBus/I2C
    • Adaptive Continuous Time Linear Equalizer and 5-tap
    • Decision Feedback Equalizer for RX
    • Adaptive and programmable 3-tap TX equalization
    • RX Polarity Inversion and Lane Reversal
  • Data Link Layer
    • Programmable ACK latency timer to response ACK based upon traffic condition
    • Configurable Flow Control Credit Update to balance bandwidth utilization and buffer usage


  • Transaction Layer
    • Packet forwarding options including Cut-Through and Store & Forward
    • Support up to 512-Byte Max Payload Size
    • Low packet forwarding latency < 150ns (typical case) v
    • Access Control Service (ACS) for peer-to-peer traffic
    • Address Translation (AT) packet for SR-IOV application
    • Support Atomic operation
    • Support Multicast
    • Provide Performance Visibility for ingress/egress packet types and packet counts
  • Side-band Access Register Interface
    • I2C/ SMBus bus
    • JTAG


  • ADAS
  • Central Controller
  • Zonal ECU
  • Telematics


  • Infotainment
  • Cockpit Control
  • In-Vehicle Communication