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Hirose Electric


Hirose Electric FH63S Series FPC/FFC/Shielded FFC Connectors

Featuring innovative one action design

The FH63S Series by Hirose Electric is made with a locking design contributes to reducing assembly time. The lock lever is not damaged by operation and incomplete mating resulting from lock lever operation does not occur.

The connector’s one action locking design works by simply inserting FPC after mounting which contributes to enhanced workability. (Remove FPC by operating lock to release.) Lock lever operation is not required when mating the FPC, while insertion can be performed using one hand.

Dust prevention
The FH63S features high contact reliability by an independent spring two-point contact design that prevents contact failure by dust.

FPC/FFC/Shielded FFC
FH63S allows you to choose from FPC, FFC and shielded FFC. Shielded FPC enables EMI prevention.

High FPC retention force
After the single FPC/FFC insertion action, the connector locks automatically. The lock lever holds the notches on both sides of the FPC for high FPC retention force even at small pin counts

FPC/FFC mating detection
The position of the notches on both sides of the FPC can be checked from above after FPC/FFC insertion, preventing incomplete insertion.


  • 0.5mm Pitch, 2.8mm Height, One Action Lock, Bottom Contact, FPC/FFC/Shielded
  • FFC Connector
  • Automatic one action locking design
  • Dust prevention
  • Supports FPC/FFC/Shielded FFC
  • High FPC retention force
  • FPC/FFC mating detection
  • Environmental compatibility
    • Halogen free (As defined by IEC 61249-2-21). Br : 900ppm Max, Cl : 900ppm Max, Br+Cl : 1,500ppm Max.