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Infineon S25HL512TFABHB010 SEMPER™ Flash

Quad SPI, 1.8 V/3.0 V

The Infineon S25HL512TFABHB010 SEMPER™ Flash is a memory solution that leverages the advanced capabilities of Infineon's 45-nm MIRRORBIT™ technology. This innovative technology enables the storage of two data bits in each memory array cell, boosting data density and efficiency. The flash memory offers flexible sector architecture options, allowing for versatile configurations including uniform sectors of 256 KB, hybrid configurations of 4 KB and 256 KB sectors, and other arrangements that optimize memory organization for diverse applications.

Equipped with a page programming buffer of either 256 or 512 bytes, the SEMPER™ Flash solution by Infineon enhances programming efficiency. Additionally, the inclusion of an OTP secure silicon array with 1024 bytes enhances data security. The memory module supports various SPI interfaces, including Quad SPI, Dual SPI, and SPI, each offering different clock speeds and data transfer protocols to cater to diverse performance requirements.

The Infineon SEMPER™ NOR Flash family is architected and designed for functional safety. The memory devices are ISO26262 ASIL B compliant and ASIL D ready, making them suitable for applications demanding stringent functional safety standards. Infineon endurance flex architecture ensures high endurance and long retention partitions, while features like data integrity CRC, error correcting code (ECC), and sector erase status indicators contribute to data reliability. Moreover, protection features such as legacy block protection and advanced sector protection further bolster data security.

With minimum program-erase cycle specifications that vary based on memory size, the SEMPER™ Flash offers impressive endurance, with 256 Mb devices capable of at least 640,000 program-erase cycles. The memory operates across a range of supply voltages and temperature grades, accommodating diverse environmental conditions. Available in different package options, including SOIC and BGA, the SEMPER™ Flash ensures compatibility with various device designs.


  • Infineon 45-nm MIRRORBIT™ technology that stores two data bits in each memory array cell
  • Sector architecture options:
    • Uniform: Address space consists of all 256 KB sectors
    • Hybrid Configuration 1: Address space consists of thirty-two 4 KB sectors grouped either on the top or the bottom while the remaining sectors are all 256 KB
    • Hybrid Configuration 2: Address space consists of thirty-two 4 KB sectors equally split between top and bottom while the remaining sectors are all 256 KB
  • Page programming buffer of 256 or 512 bytes
  • OTP secure silicon array of 1024 bytes (32 x 32 bytes)
  • Quad SPI
    • Supports 1S-1S-4S, 1S-4S-4S, 1S-4D-4D, 4S-4S-4S, 4S-4D-4D protocols
    • SDR option runs up to 83-MBps (166 MHz clock speed)
    • DDR option runs up to 102-MBps (102 MHz clock speed)
  • Dual SPI
    • Supports 1S-2S-2S protocol
    • SDR option runs up to 41.5-MBps (166 MHz clock speed)
  • SPI
    • Supports 1S-1S-1S protocol
    • SDR option runs up to 21-MBps (166 MHz clock speed)
  • Functional safety features:
    • Functional safety with the industry’s first ISO26262 ASIL B compliant and ASIL D ready NOR Flash
    • Infineon endurance flex architecture provides high-endurance and long retention partitions
    • Data integrity CRC detects errors in memory array
    • SafeBoot reports device initialization failures, detects configuration corruption, and provides recovery options
    • Built-in error correcting code (ECC) corrects single-bit error and detects double-bit error (SECDED) on memory array data
    • Sector erase status indicator for power loss during erase
  • Protection features:
    • Legacy block protection for memory array and device configuration
    • Advanced sector protection for individual memory array sector based protection


  • AutoBoot enables immediate access to the memory array following power-on
  • Hardware reset through JEDEC Serial Flash Reset Signaling Protocol / individual RESET# pin / DQ3_RESET# pin
  • Serial flash discoverable parameters (SFDP) describing device functions and features
  • Device identification, manufacturer identification, and unique identification
  • Data Integrity
    • 256Mb devices
      • Minimum 640,000 program-erase cycles for the main array
    • 512Mb devices
      • Minimum 1,280,000 program-erase cycles for the main array
    • 1Gb devices
      • Minimum 2,560,000 program-erase cycles for the main array
    • All devices:
      • Minimum 300,000 program-erase cycles for the 4KB sectors
      • Minimum 25 years data retention
  • Supply voltage:
    • 1.7 V to 2.0 V (HS-T)
    • 2.7 V to 3.6 V (HL-T)
  • Grade / temperature range:
    • Industrial (–40°C to +85°C)
    • Industrial plus (–40°C to +105°C)
    • Automotive AEC-Q100 grade 3 (–40°C to +85°C)
    • Automotive AEC-Q100 grade 2 (–40°C to +105°C)
    • Automotive AEC-Q100 grade 1 (–40°C to +125°C)
  • Packages:
    • 256MB and 512MB
      • 16-lead SOIC (300 mil) - SO3016
      • 24-ball BGA 6 x 8 mm
      • 16-lead SOIC (300 mil)
      • 8-contact WSON 6 x 8 mm
    • 1GB:
      • 16-lead SOIC (300 mil) - SO3016
      • 24-ball BGA 8  8 mm
      • 16-lead SOIC (300 mil)