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Infineon TLE4972 High Precision Coreless Magnetic Current Sensor

Featuring the well-established monolithic Hall technology

The Infineon TLE4972 is a high precision miniature coreless magnetic current sensor for AC and DC measurements with analog interface and two fast over-current detection outputs.

The TLE4972 features Infineon's well-established and robust monolithic Hall technology which enables accurate and highly linear measurement of the magnetic field caused by currents. With a full scale up to ±31 mT, it is possible to measure currents up to 2,000 ampere. All negative effects (e.g. saturation, hysteresis) commonly known from open loop sensors using flux concentration techniques are avoided. The sensor is developed in accordance to functional safety standard ISO 26262 and is equipped with internal Self-diagnostics.

Typical applications include:

  • electrical drives
  • on board Chargers
  • battery main switches
  • power supplies
  • over-load and over-current detection in high voltage applications

The digitally assisted analog concept of the TLE4972 offers superior stability over temperature and lifetime thanks to the Infineon proprietary digital stress and temperature compensation. The differential measurement principle allows great stray field suppression for operation in harsh Environments.

The sensor is available in two packages to support a wide range of different system integration Scenarios.

Two separate over current detection pins (OCD) provide a fast output signal in case the measurement current exceeds the configured thresholds in typical 0.7 µs.

The sensor is shipped as a pre-calibrated product, which provides an accurate performance over temperature and stress. The TLE4972 has in-situ calibration capability to achieve maximum accuracy at the system level.

The high configurability enables customization for a wide variety of applications.