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KYOCERA AVX — 9155-800/9159-7X0 Series Connectors




KYOCERA AVX 9155-800/9159-7X0 Series Connectors

Fill the gap in the market


9159-7X0 Series

KYOCERA AVX Interconnect continues to develop unique connectors to fill the gap in the market. The newest addition to KYOCERA AVX’s broadening line of one piece card edge connectors is the 2p-12p linear card edge version with spring contact 9159-700/760, which is extension of popular linear card edge versions 9159-000 and 9159-060. This new connector is with spring gold (or tin) plated BeCu contacts and provide high electrical and mechanical performance suitable for harsh environment like automotive. There are available two versions – closed side 9159-700 and open side 9159-760. Optionally is available plating option Sn.

The proven contact system has easy installation without soldering, enhanced reliability, signal integrity and up to 2A/contact current rating. The connector is designed for mating PCB board with 1.5mm (+/- 0.15mm) thickness and gold (or tin) plated pads.


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  • Ruggedized linear card edge
  • Up to 2 Amps per contact current rating meets robust application requirements
  • Gold (or tin) plated (nickel underplate) BeCu contact system for high reliability in harsh environments
  • High electrical and mechanical performance
  • Easy installation


  • Automotive Lighting
  • Transportation Lighting
  • LED Lighting
  • Industrial


9155-800 Series

The KYOCERA AVX vertical mate 9155-800 series eliminates end user damage when pluggable modules or packs are press down vertically into a base unit. Traditional right angle connectors have contact geometries that rely on the pack being inserted at an angle and then rotated down into position.

The unique contact design of this connector deflects cleanly and easily when a module or mating connector is push vertically into position, eliminating any end user damage. The complete 9155 family of battery connectors from KYOCERA AVX offer all the same advantages: Ultra reliable and robust gold-plated beryllium copper contacts that provide high integrity connections in harsh environments, with up to 15000 mating operations. Whatever your requirements, the 9155 series battery connector can be customized to suit your applications.

Traditional battery connectors have been used for years in a number of applications: battery packs, removable or pluggable modules and conventional board-to-board to connect both signal level and power circuits. These ultra reliable and robust gold plated beryllium copper contacts provide high integrity connections in hash environments.


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  • Gold plated BeCu contacts provide high electrical and mechanical performance over 5,000 mating cycles
  • Unique contact geometry allows for full vertical engagement in pluggable module applications
  • Plastic locating bosses and SMT anchor tabs maximizes the mechanical stability of the connector in harsh conditions
  • Contact nose incorporates an anti-snag feature to protect during deflection


  • Handheld/portable devices requiring docking or cradle charging
  • Patient monitoring or portable medical electronics
  • Industrial devices requiring pluggable or programming modules
  • Internet appliances requiring battery back-up